Second Doctor Who Audio Annual review

Like the first Doctor Who Audio Annual, this is a two-disc set of six stories, on for each of the first six Doctors, each read by an actor who played a companion (or the Master). The stories are from original 1960s-80s Doctor Who Annuals, and are well read and produced. The cast of readers is again Peter Purves, Anneke Wills, Geoffrey Beevers, Matthew Waterhouse and Nicola Bryant.

Is it as good as the first? Let’s chat…

The Second set of Audio Annual stories

Sadly the set can only be as strong as the stories, and unlike the first set, I found these less inspiring. The first disc is dominated by some dodgy science 1966 essay The Equations of Doctor Who and a very long (but decent) First Doctor story Peril in Mechanistria, The Second Doctor story, the Sour Note centres on the Doctor rescuing Ben, and is very forgettable (not the fault of Anneke). The second disc does its best, but none of the stories shines, though each has its moments.

Overall I was disappointed, and less convinced by the investment than I had been with the first volume. With so much else available from Big Finish, I might think twice before investing in any future such collections.

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