Target: The Day of the Doctor review

Steven Moffat’s contribution to the first set of new series Doctor Who Target novelisations is his anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. This is far more than an adaptation of the script, it is a telling of events from many angles and plays with the form of the novel. If you’re a hard-core Moffat fan you will…

Target books I’d like to read

Over on The Doctor Who Companion, a few of us were so taken with the new Target novels, we put together a wish-list of stories we’d like to see get the Target treatment (and I’m very happy to write one or more of them!). You can read our ideas here: WHICH DOCTOR WHO SERIALS SHOULD BE ADAPTED…

Rose (Target Collection) review

You’ll have noticed a few new series Target branded books coming out recently (2018) from Penguin books. They’ve been out in hardback a while, but thanks to an Amazon offer, I picked up a couple in paperback. First up, of course, is the Russell T Davies Ninth Doctor novelisation of Rose.

On Target with new Who novels

Penguin books is producing a new collection of Target Doctor Who books, focused on the new series. We may be some way from getting The Empty Child (see mock-up by Andrew-Mark Thompson (and his related post Revisiting the Eccleston Target Book Covers…) there’s plenty to look forward to. Details from the Penguin site suggest April 2018 release for five…

The Target Book (2016)

I was just going through some bits and bobs, and realised I’d forgotten to mention the 2016 update of The Target Book. It’s gorgeous, and available from Telos Publishing on the link. I picked my copy up at the Cartoon Museum exhibition, for which it was updated. If you don’t own a version of this, thing very strongly…

Cartoon Museum extends Target Exhibition

If you haven’t been to the Cartoon Museum yet to see the Target Book Covers, there is still time as the exhibition has been extended to Sunday, June 5th. It’s not far from the British Museum, and well worth a visit.

Target Cover exhibition at the Cartoon Museum 2016

If you are in or around London between April 28 and May 11 this year (2016) you could do worse than visit the Cartoon Museum and have a look at their exhibition of Target book cover artwork. Full details: Doctor Who: The Target Book Artwork.

BBC Books reissues Target titles

A piece from The Bookseller for any fan of the Doctor Who Target books: BBC Books reissues seven Doctor Who ‘classics’. BBC Books will publish the titles on April 28, both physical and e-book versions will be available. Later in the year there will also be three hardback reissues.

You On Target – get involved

If you’d like to see your name in print and are a fan of the Doctor Who Target books, you might do worse than have a look at You On Target. This is the next project (due to publish in 2016) from the You and… series of books (I’ve been in five of them!). –> Message Ends…

Remember, Remember

It being November 5th I thought I would have a read of Remembrance of the Daleks. Many reasons: I enjoyed the recent Ben Aaronovitch novels (Rivers of London and  Moon over Soho); vaguely remembered the story from the late 80s back when I was giving the show another chance (see here) and more importantly this is the story…