Nick Briggs talks Big Finish and more

Well done DigitalSpy for their interview with Nick Briggs, in which he talks Big Finish, TV and AudioVisuals. Do read it, it’s: Celebrating Big Finish: How a gang of fans reinvented Doctor Who for a new audience. +++ Message Ends +++

Some Audio Visuals resources

For some time (years) I’ve meant to post a bit more about Audio Visuals. Finally I have something to note regarding these fan-based Doctor Who audio dramas in which Nick Briggs played the Doctor, and Nigel Fairs his companion.

Sirens of Time reviewed

If you were lucky enough to be a fan of Big Finish from its earliest days July 1999 was a landmark with the release of the first Doctor Who story Sirens of Time. Fifteen years later how does it stand up?

Milk. No sugar. How will Peter Capaldi’s Doctor drink his tea?

In my mind there is one question that we should be focussing on ahead of the appearance of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor (please don’t let them change the numbering we all use, wrong though it might be).  I don’t mean will Clara stay, is River Song still his wife, will Clara get a chum (the chap…

Simon Guerrier on canon

Nothing starts off a Sunday morning like an essay on canon in Doctor Who! Writer Simon Guerrier (avatar on the left) has written a piece for his blog Nothing Tra La La! in which he gives us his views on this thorny topic. The article is one of a series of posts hence its name Doctor Who: 2009….

What next for Doctor Who?

It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled; it’s also been a while since I wrote a piece of pure speculation based on no insight or knowledge. As it’s Friday and almost a week since the climax of the fans’ year I thought I would mull over how the next fifty years of…

The Cuthbert Annals IV – The Final Phase reviewed

And so July 2013 brings us to the end of the second series of Fourth Doctor Adventures and the final outing for Mary Tamm’s Romana. This is also the fourth of the stories in which Tom Baker’s Doctor gets to spar with David Warner’s Cuthbert, vainglorious villain from the Conglomerate and his allies the Daleks! When…

Contact Has Been Made – review

My review of You and Who: Contact Has Been Made is over on the Starburst website here. I am really impressed pair of books with this and I am very pleased to be part of it. Hopefully the review tempts you enough to consider investing in these for all the who fans in your life! +++…

Interview with Nick Briggs

Nick Briggs was kind enough to spend some time talking about the 50th anniversary, Big Finish, Zagreus, being a man of many trades and everything else I could fit in! The results are over on Starburst – here! +++ Message Ends +++

Contact Has Been Made now released!

The second volume in JR Southall’s epic fan-sourced You and Who is now available from MIWK Publishing (link here). This is released in two 450 page tomes under the banner Contact Has Been Made (the second is edited by Christopher Bryant). If you’d like to be involved in future projects I suggest you keep tabs on the…

The Cuthbert Annals III – The Dalek Contract reviewed

The Fourth Doctor Adventures second series approaches the final furlong with Nick Briggs taking us back to Cuthbert and the Conglomerate with The Dalek Contract. The title evokes memory of the AudioVisuals story The Destructor Contract in which Cuthbert first appeared; beyond that this is actually the follow up to The Sands of Life (Cuthbert Annals I) and War Against the…

…and then there were twelve

Incarnations of Doctor Who are like buses – none for nearly a decade now we are about to move onto the fourth of the new era which is probably the Twelfth Doctor though that ignores the John Hurt revelation (The real Ninth Doctor?) the various Doctors in Curse of Fatal Death, Peter Cushing, David Warner in the Big…