Disclosure Policy

A lot of this blog contains reviews of various products and I thought I would make a few things clear:

  1. Reviews I post are for products I have purchased or been given free for review purposes
  2. All opinions are my own – nobody approves any review that I post
  3. I don’t receive any direct revenue for reviews; my only benefit is that I receive the product for free
  4. I also don’t get anything if you click a link on my site – I only link to other sources of information or product pages for a similar reason
  5. As far as I know all comments are from genuine fans and are not in any way intended to mis-represent the products of organisations I might be talking about.

As of 2016 I’ve also written a few pieces for Big Finish. Inevitably this means I will be positive about them where possible. If I’m too biased, let me know.

Any questions or clarifications please get in touch


Tony, August 2018

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