Black Archive to release Robots of Death May 2020

This year’s Star Wars Day will be (accidentally I assume) marked with Obverse Books releasing The Robots of Death. This is the 43rd releases in the range — something to be impressed by. Fiona Moore is the writer of this particular title and it’s not the first such guide she’s written (see press release below)….

Black Archive: Battlefield released

The Black Archive continues apace with Battlefield released on August 8, 2019. I note it’s the 34th release in the range, an impressive (and ever-growing) total. Writer Philip Purser-Hallard shines new light on what I have to admit is one of my least-liked stories and I might even be tempted to reconsider my opinion!

Black Archive 2019/20 schedule announced

Thanks to the Doctor Who Companion, we have details of the Black Archive range from Obverse Books stretching into 2020. Full details here: 2019/2020 SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED FOR OBVERSE BOOKS’ THE BLACK ARCHIVE. I’d just like to highlight a couple of these…

Black Archive releases The Curse of Fenric

The latest Black Archive release (due September 3 2018) is the Seventh Doctor and Ace story The Curse of Fenric. If that’s not enough to tempt you to dip into this excellent range of books, you might like to know this particular study was written by Una McCormack, well-known for her Doctor Who written (Big Finish and other)…

The Eleventh Hour for the Black Archive

The Black Archive welcomes Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in their nineteenth release, Eleventh Hour. It’s the third Black Archive for the prolific Jon Arnold who also did Rose and Scream of the Shalka. At 110 pages, it explores the relaunch of the new series under Steven Moffatt, and is available now in paperback or electronic formats. *** Message Ends…

Black Archive: 18 Marco Polo released

The Black Archive goes from strength to strength with the 18th release, Marco Polo. It’s written by Dene October, who has is in the rare, if not unique, position of having seen the serial twice! Dene also edited Doctor Who and Historyand is a senior lecturer at The university of Arts, London. *** Message Ends ***

The Impossible Planet and Satan Pit from the Black Archive

This month (March 2018) sees the seventeenth release from the Black Archive, and it’s the double episode story The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit. Written by Simon Bucher-Jones, it’s currently on sale at a mere £4.99 at 182 pages. If you feel like checking this out, it’s available here: The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit….

Black Archive: The God Complex

Another occasional look at a Black Archive release, and this time it’s Paul Driscoll’s take on The God Complex. Paul has plenty to say in this rather thorough analysis, covering 184 pages, and a quick peek at his credentials lets us know this might be an academic tome (Paul is a theology postgraduate from Oxford). If I have…

Black Archive: Pyramids of Mars released

The Black Archives continues with its twelfth release, Kate Orman’s study of Pyramids of Mars. I’ve been fortunate enough to be provided with several review titles in this range, so stay tuned for reviews. In the meantime, why not explore the Obverse Books Black Archive collection so far? -+- Message Ends -+-

Black Archive: Black Orchid

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few titles from Obverse Books including some of their Black Archive range. First up is the book length reflection on the Fifth Doctor story, Black Orchid. Written by Ian Millsted, this 100 page work covers every aspect of the story you might imagine, and a few more besides. If this is the level…