More Iris Wildthyme from Obverse Books

After the December 2019 release of Iris Widthyme and the Polythene Terror by Paul Magrs, Obverse Books has released details of the rest of this four part series. Titles will be released in May and December, so remember to keep checking the Obverse Books website for ordering! It’s badged as New Adventures Series 1 –…

The Master Annual announced

They brought us the Unofficial DR WHO Annual 1972. In November 2019 they are bringing us the Unofficial DR WHO Annual 1987. Next (2020?) Terraqueous Distributors bring us The Master Annual! The submissions window is open now! Pitches now, stories by December 2019. Details on their FaceBook page. <<[ Message Ends ]>>

The Meaning of Big Finish

You probably know 2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of Big Finish getting the licence for Doctor Who but you may not know the Divergent Wordsmiths are producing a book to celebrate. What’s more they would like help from anyone with a desire to share their thoughts on what Big Finish means to them.