Unbound Imaginings available free!

Just a note to mention the first book from the Divergent Wordsmiths: Unbound Imaginings, It’s a free PDF from a group of fans who met through the Divergent Universe forum. I’ve not had a chance to read, but the cover is impressive and that’s a good sign. It’s all fan fiction and might be worth a look! *** Message…

One Doctor, Two Hearts

One of the first products with the new Doctor Who branding is a Penguin book for young children: Doctor Who: One Doctor, Two Hearts. It’s a learn to count book, ideal for young time tots [did I really just write that?!], written and illustrated by Adam Howling.

The Missy Chronicles review

I had a read of The Missy Chronicles, and was glad I did. Six intriguing stories covering Missy’s incarnation from six very different authors (James Goss, Jacqueline Rayner, Cavan Scott, Paul Magrs, Peter Anghelides and Richard Dinnick). I had slightly more to say on Starburst: DOCTOR WHO: THE MISSY CHRONICLES. /// Message Ends \\\