Doctor Who Stranded 2

Doctor Who Stranded 2 review on Cultbox

While I felt Stranded 1 had potential but wasn’t innovative enough in its storytellling, I felt Stranded 2 worked a lot better. It’s more conventional Doctor Who and felt more coherent, though still had some flaws. You can read my thoughts on Cultbox: Doctor Who: Stranded 2 audio drama review. <<| Message Ends |>>

Robots 2 review on Cultbox

My review of The Robots Volume 2 is on CultBox: Robots Volume 2 audio drama review. I’m enjoying the series so far, great to hear the late David Collings as Poul, and it’s shaping nicely for future sets. –< Message Ends >–

Doctor Who Stranded 1.3 Must-see TV

The first Eighth Doctor set of Stranded stories continues (from Wild Animals) with Lisa McMullin’s Must-see TV. The Doctor, Liv and Helen are still trapped in London 2020, and we have arrivals in the form of Sgt Andy Davidson (Tom Price) and Mr Bird (Clive Wood). Science fiction is back on the agenda but we’re…

Doctor Who Stranded 1.2 Wild Animals

Doctor Who Stranded takes the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen from where they left off in Lost Property and reinforces the message — this is not a standard bang crash, in-out adventure. This is real life and it can be a bit mundane. John Dorney takes over writing for Wild Animals. It’s another day near…

Doctor Who Stranded 1.1 Lost Property

Doctor Who Stranded 1.1 Lost Property

With Stranded, Big Finish takes the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen to a Covid-free version of London 2020. There they must survive without TARDIS and most of the Doctor’s trickery (no sonic nor psychic paper). Instead they might even have to get jobs! It’s all very different and for me, overdue. I’m reviewing these one…