Doctor Who and The Time War

RTD has just published his short prequel to Rose. It’s on the BBC website. take a moment, read and think about what might have been: Russell T Davies writes a prequel to Doctor Who – Rose. Stay safe. +++ Message Ends +++

What did the Ninth Doctor do for the show?

It looks like a stupid question. There’s a familiar narrative that goes along the lines of brought the show back, broke new ground, didn’t stay long enough, made it a show for a new audience and so on. Obviously I’m not just talking Christopher Eccleston but the whole Ninth Doctor season. Yes, all those things…

What did the Radio Times make of the Ninth Doctor?

September means time to think Ninth Doctor. And yes, it’s been over fourteen years (!!) since the Doctor and Rose burst onto our screens. The collected Radio Times reviews are here, and I largely agree with the ratings if not the details therein. All are worth a read.

New portraits of the Doctors

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who art work, so great news of new portraits for all (known, excluding the meta) incarnations of the Doctor by Jeremy Enecio. You can get the poster version from several places (including The DWC) or you get them individually…

Doctor Who’s diamond anniversary discussed

I was more downbeat than normal with my recent post Doctor Who has peaked – so what? I do think I time will come when the show has a break from TV (and not just the odd year we already get), but I also do think we will make the sixtieth anniversary in 2023. Yes,…

Doctor Who has peaked – so what?

I got drawn (slightly) into one of those pointless on-line arguments where one persons shouts and the other tries to be rational. Waste of time. A certain kind of argument has been used by fans for years: the show is failing, it’s all because of XXX, we should sack XXX and do XXXX. My position…

Spearhead from Space review

The Third Doctor kick-started the 1970s with Spearhead from Space and the BBC archive page linked is well worth a proper read and gives a decent view of just how many firsts this story represents. I don’t think it’s perfect, but it has a lot going for it despite certain scenes aiming too closely to…

Celestial Toyroom 490 now shipping

According to twitter, issue 490 of the Celestial Toyroom from the DWAS is now shipping. Details of the magazine on the DWAS website. I’ve no connection to this issue, but just wanted an excuse to publish a copy of the fabulous Rose montage used as the cover! <– Message Ends –>

The Unsilent Library

Here’s something I missed in 2011 when it was released, The Unsilent Library. It’s a set of critical essays on the RTD era, and includes one by Una McCormack as well as a Robert Shearman introduction. It’s a Science Fiction Foundation title and was originally priced at £10 but is now just £1 + postage! *** Message…

Rose (Target Collection) review

You’ll have noticed a few new series Target branded books coming out recently (2018) from Penguin books. They’ve been out in hardback a while, but thanks to an Amazon offer, I picked up a couple in paperback. First up, of course, is the Russell T Davies Ninth Doctor novelisation of Rose.

More Doctor Who Mr Men mash-ups!

Thanks to the Radio Times for details of the next wave of Mr Men meets Doctor Who. I’ve resisted getting these (so far!) but they do look great! Details here: The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack face the Autons in one of four new Doctor Who-Mr Men mash-up books. ++> Message Ends <++

Penguin announces 100 Illustrated Adventures

Something exciting from Penguin Books: 100 Illustrated Adventures. What makes this notable is it’s 100 episodes chosen across Doctor Who, from the First to the Twelfth Doctors, with each illustrated by either a fan or professional artist and also including facts about the episode.