Terry Nation interview 1966

On 31 January 1966, Terry Nation talked to the Guardian newspaper about all things Daleks and Doctor Who. The Guardian has made it available on their website: Doctor Who’s who – archive, 1966. Do have a read, it’s interesting how he talks about the American market. ### Message Ends ###


Daryl Joyce illustrations

I thought I would start the week with something artistic (and something I’ve been meaning to mention for far too long) — the illustrations of Daryl Joyce. The one on the left is from Dalek Invasion of Earth; there’s a lot more on Daryl’s blog and even some free stuff! ->> Message Ends <<-

Doctor Who Complete History Volume 1

Complete History volume 1 reviewed

Tidying up my home office, I realised I’d yet to review Doctor Who The Complete History Volume 1. Like many people (I suspect) I bought the first few months of subscription then cancelled once the free gifts ran out! In this case it was the free Companion Chronicle read by Sarah Sutton, The Toy. Of course the bonus…

Doctor Who Companion cover March 2016

The Doctor Who Companion launches

March 26, 2016 saw the launch of a new blog – The Doctor Who Companion. If you want the full experience there’s the inevitable FaceBook page, and a twitter feed. There’s plenty of material to get stuck into already. Why not pop over and let me know what you think?