Meet Doctor First

You’ve no doubt spotted the mash-up Doctor Who meets the Mr Men, but perhaps you want to know more about them. I was wandering the Puffin site, and found this taster for Doctor First: Five hilariously Whovian moments from Dr. First. Enjoy! — Message Ends —

Jennie Linden website

Just a quick mention for Jennie Linden’s website: Jennie There are some interviews, background her career (and not just the Peter Cushing film Dr Who and the Daleks, in which she played Barbara) and a chance to pick up some signed items. There’s even a link to the Big Finish release Unregenerate!, in which she played Professor…

Dr Who and the Dalek Masterplan

What if there had been more 1960s Doctor Who movies with Peter Cushing? That’s the premise talented artist Dave Burgess has explored with artwork such as that for Dr. Who and the Dalek Masterplan (see picture on the left). Dave has a portfolio: DR. WHO | MOVIE ARTWORK and much else here besides.

Unearthly Child – predictable and depressing

Thanks to Clayton Hickman for tweeting the first ever Guardian review for Doctor Who episode An Unearthly Child  (aka 100,000 BC). To say reviewer Mary Crozier was unimpressed is an understatement and the Guardian themselves brought the subject up with not quite an apology some 48 years later: Doctor Who: Guardian reviewer unimpressed by first episode.

Terry Nation interview 1966

On 31 January 1966, Terry Nation talked to the Guardian newspaper about all things Daleks and Doctor Who. The Guardian has made it available on their website: Doctor Who’s who – archive, 1966. Do have a read, it’s interesting how he talks about the American market. ### Message Ends ###