Delia Derbyshire: Trailblazer

The BBC has identified Delia Derbyshire’s Doctor Who theme as one of ten pieces to be studied as part of a project to introduce children to classical music. This puts her on a level with Gershwin, Vivaldi and Brahms! Details: Children to study Doctor Who theme tune in BBC Ten Pieces. +++ Message Ends +++

Katarina Colourised

While I was sorting out the link to The Story of Katarina I also came across a short piece on Adrienne Hill (who played Katarina) on Doctor Who TV. Why mention it here? Well it comes with the superb colourised image (which I’ve borrowed) shown. The (short) article is: Katarina. &&& Message Ends &&&

The Story of Katarina on the DWC

Not something I’ve written (though I wish I had) I just wanted to point out an excellent piece on The Doctor Who Companion. It’s DOCTOR WHO’S LOST COMPANION: THE STORY OF KATARINA. The piece is by Rick Lundeen, and a sequel is promised! *** Message Ends ***

The Invasion from Space review

Released on CD in October 2018, Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space is a 2xCD reading by Peter Purves of a pair of classic First Doctor stories from various books and annuals from the 1960s. It’s very much worth a listen, despite being somewhat dated here and there, if for no other reason than Peter Purves’s superb performance in reading. There’s…