Writers needed for The Time Detectives

If you want to write some Doctor Who (OK not official) you might want to read the submission details for The Time Detectives. It’s a non-official spin-off set in the The Doctor Who Project and in particular the further adventures of someone called Time Lady Grae. It’s certainly something to think about! +++ Message Ends +++

Reeltime Announces Anomaly

A recent announcement from Reeltime Pictures is Anomaly, a two-disc DVD sequel to both Daemos Rising and The Time Monster. The strapline is Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is dead! The cast includes Sophie Aldred, Miles Richardson, Beverley Cressman and newcomer Tom Chapman as Godon ‘Gordy’ Lethbridge-Stewart. I have no idea how this is meant to fit with the increasingly confused…

Bandril Productions – The Happy Man

Something different for the weekend (and something I need to listen to) is Bandril Productions The Happy Man. It’s a fan production of an Eighth Doctor story, ostensibly written by Stephen Muppet, and it’s free! If nothing else it is to be admired for its cover! ==> Message Ends <==

Minister of Chance news

It may not be Doctor Who but any announcement about Dan Freeman’s Minster of Chance is worth a mention. I have a short piece on Starburst that shares the good news of series 2! !!! Message Ends !!!

Simon Guerrier on canon

Nothing starts off a Sunday morning like an essay on canon in Doctor Who! Writer Simon Guerrier (avatar on the left) has written a piece for his blog Nothing Tra La La! in which he gives us his views on this thorny topic. The article is one of a series of posts hence its name Doctor Who: 2009.…