PROBE online

PROBE Case Files aka PROBE online

It’s not quite Doctor Who, but it may well be of interest. It’s PROBE. The PROBE series originated in the 1990s as a film series by BBV Productions starring Caroline John as Liz Shaw. Liz headed the Preternatural Research Bureau, a government department who deal with cases of the strange and unnatural.

Writers needed for The Time Detectives

If you want to write some Doctor Who (OK not official) you might want to read the submission details for The Time Detectives. It’s a non-official spin-off set in the The Doctor Who Project and in particular the further adventures of someone called Time Lady Grae. It’s certainly something to think about! +++ Message Ends +++

Reeltime Announces Anomaly

A recent announcement from Reeltime Pictures is Anomaly, a two-disc DVD sequel to both Daemos Rising and The Time Monster. The strapline is Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is dead! The cast includes Sophie Aldred, Miles Richardson, Beverley Cressman and newcomer Tom Chapman as Godon ‘Gordy’ Lethbridge-Stewart. I have no idea how this is meant to fit with the increasingly confused…

Bandril Productions – The Happy Man

Something different for the weekend (and something I need to listen to) is Bandril Productions The Happy Man. It’s a fan production of an Eighth Doctor story, ostensibly written by Stephen Muppet, and it’s free! If nothing else it is to be admired for its cover! ==> Message Ends <==

Minister of Chance news

It may not be Doctor Who but any announcement about Dan Freeman’s Minster of Chance is worth a mention. I have a short piece on Starburst that shares the good news of series 2! !!! Message Ends !!!

Simon Guerrier on canon

Nothing starts off a Sunday morning like an essay on canon in Doctor Who! Writer Simon Guerrier (avatar on the left) has written a piece for his blog Nothing Tra La La! in which he gives us his views on this thorny topic. The article is one of a series of posts hence its name Doctor Who: 2009.…

Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 AD (Blu Ray) reviewed

Anyone familiar with this blog will know that Dalek Invasion of Earth is one of my favourite stories as I explained in-depth in The One with the East London Docks!. With this being 2013, and the market being saturated with new and re-issued product, along comes that rarity of rarities a Doctor Who Blu-Ray! In a year that…

The Minister of Chance and Kitty

Minister of Chance – film announced

Fans of the Minister of Chance will be pleased to hear that Dan Freeman and his team are now moving on to the next stage of the Minister project – making the film! More details are available on the Starburst website or check out the Minister of Chance website or Facebook page! +++ Message Ends +++