River Song 5.4 Concealed Weapon review

River’s sojourn with various incarnations of the Master comes to an end with the Scott Handcock story Concealed Weapon. This time it’s Derek Jacobi’s War Master whom River crosses paths with in a story that seems curiously clear cut and that’s how it draws the listener in… Spoilers will follow;-)

River Song 5.2 Animal Instinct review

River Song’s fifth boxset continues with the second story, Roy Gill’s  Animal Instinct. This time River must deal with the Geoffrey Beevers incarnation of the Master, the earliest version encountered in this set. It’s implied this may well be the first incarnation to meet River, but as we all know, memories can be deceptive, so who…

River Song 5.1 The Bekdel Test review

With boxset number five, Alex Kingston’s River Song takes a rest from wandering back through the Doctor’s timeline in four new stories where she meets some of the incarnations of the Master. The first encounter (and they aren’t in Master timeline order – why would the be!) is the Jonathan Morris story The Bekdel Test. River…

Eight Doctor vs The War Master

Big Finish has announced the details for two more War Master boxsets, and the first of these puts Derek Jacobi up against Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in The Rage of the Time Lords. Producer and Director Scott Handcock had this to say: This incarnation of the Master is very much the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ of Time Lords –…

War Master: Master of Callous review

I was really impressed with War Master: Master of Callous, and had no real hesitation over giving it a 5* review. Excellent work from all, including James Goss, Guy Adams, Scott Handcock, Derek Jacobi and many more. My review is here: The War Master: Master Of Callous review. +++ Message Ends +++