The Lives of Captain Jack review

In The Lives of Captain Jack, we get to see glimpses of what Jack Harkness did after he first died (and even before) and before he joined Torchwood. In this boxset, we have four stories by two great, and very different writers, Guy Adams and James Goss. In four adventures they take us across a small…

Enter the War Master!

Big Finish has announced Sir Derek Jacobi in a boxset as The War Master! The news item (and there are other announcements as well) is: DEREK JACOBI RETURNS AS THE WAR MASTER! In my mind, it’s an excellent concept, a great set of writers (Nick Briggs, Guy Adams, James Goss and new writer Janine H Jones).…

UNIT Assembled review

I penned some thoughts on the highly enjoyable UNIT: Assembled over on CultBox. It’s a great set of stories by Matt Fitton and Guy Adams, and the best so far for Kate Stewart and Osgood. The review is: Big Finish UNIT Assembled review. Enjoy! +++ Message Ends +++

The Ninth Doctor Chronicles

As part of its continued foray into the new-Who license territory, Big Finish has released The Ninth Doctor Chronicles. It comprises four stories, with Nick Briggs narrating and voicing the Ninth Doctor in the absence of Christopher Eccleston, and also with Rose (and no Billie Piper). In style it’s like the Companion Chronicles mixed with the Short Trips…

Karen Gillan talks Big Finish

In a recent interview quoted on the Radio Times, Karen Gillan talks about Doctor Who and goes on to mention Big Finish. Does this mean we can expect some Amy Pond stories soon? Arthur Darvill has already recorded for Big Finish (Frankenstein) so who knows what might be possible?