Ravenous 4 review

The latest Eighth Doctor / Liv Chenka / Helen Sinclair sixteen-disc epic comes to a conclusion in Ravenous 4. I’ve had mixed views on this series; in my mind it’s really a second set with the Eleven and the Ravenous have taken a while to come to life. This set also has more Masters than…

Ravenous 3 review on CultBox

My take on Ravenous 3, the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen (plus Eleven…) boxset is available on CultBox: Doctor Who: Ravenous Volume 3 review. Another good set, if dominated by the Eleven rather than the Ravenous. <<< Message Ends >>>

The Robots is coming

With too little fanfare for my tastes, Big Finish has announced a new spin-off: The Robots with Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka. It’s Doctor free (as far as I can tell) and will be released from December 2019 as twelve stories over four three-disc sets, released every six months. This means it will run until…

Ravenous 2 review

The latest set of stories in the Eighth Doctor Ravenous range takes the Doctor, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair to yet stranger places than before in a mix of tales I mostly liked but I have some reservations with Ravenous 2 as a set. Let me explain…

More details on Ravenous 3

Big Finish has given more details for Ravenous 3, beyond those revealed at Big Finish Day. The second story (Companion Piece by John Dorney) has no Eighth Doctor, but has Charley, Bliss, River Song, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair all in one episode. Add The Nine and this will be a feast for the ears! The news…

Ravenous 3 news from Big Finish Day 2018

The only Doctor Who related news of note from Big Finish Day 2018 (from the DU forum, Twitter as I didn’t attend) was casting for Ravenous 3, due April 2019. There’s a big clue in the picture!

Doctor Who: Ravenous 1 review

What’s not to like? John Dorney and Matt Fitton combine to give us four stories in the Eighth Doctor and Liv Chenka’s search for Helen Sinclair. Will The Eleven still be around, and just what is the Kandy Man up to? My thoughts over on CultBox: Doctor Who: Ravenous 1 review. *** Message Ends ***