Fifth Doctor and Tegan in Kinda

Kinda reviewed

Thanks to the Horror Channel I am slowly catching up with 1980s Doctor Who. For many reasons I missed a lot of the Davison and early Colin Baker years, finally I get to sit down and consider them for what they are. Christopher Bailey’s Kinda is the first of a trilogy that will include Snakedance and the Lost Story Children…


Peter Davison talks to The Telegraph

A quick link to a decent length Peter Davison interview in the UK newspaper The Telegraph. The link is: Peter Davison: having another Doctor Who as a son-in-law is rather weird. Peter talks around the influence the show style has and the piece also covers his wider career. ::: Message Ends :::

The Horror (Channel) of Doctor Who

Great news for UK fans of classic Doctor Who — as reported on the Radio Times site, the Horror Channel is coming to Freeview. Why do we care? Well, this is the one place where you can watch vast amounts of classic Doctor Who. Even if like me you watched most (all) of these at the time this is a great way…

Greyhound One

Greyhound One – first impressions

With much expectation, Doctor Who Legacy launched version 2.3 of the game with its new content – The Hunt for Greyhound One. As there were delays with launch there is a code for a free time crystal (see pic). I’ve played this out and thought I’d share some first impressions. Of course the game is free so…