Odds on the next Doctor

With the suggestion of Kris Marshall being the subject of heavy betting (Doctor Who TV: KRIS MARSHALL 13TH DOCTOR BETS SUSPENDED AFTER SUDDEN SPIKE. This led me to look at the various odds being offered, to see who else is on the list; queue this post!

Who will play the new Missy?

All the talk of Peter Capaldi leaving and Chris Chibnall taking over Doctor Who has overlooked something. What about Missy? The Master has had any number of incarnations and already sneaked past the limit of twelve without half the fuss the Doctor endured. We know change is inevitable, and while I’ve enjoyed Michelle Gomez, I predict she…

Danny Dyer for Doctor Who?

My favourite of the current round of ‘who should play the next Doctor’ stories is the idea of Danny Dyer! Best known Eastenders, this would be an ideal choice for upsetting the apple cart – male, white, English.This mad idea is from The Sun: WALFORD TO MARS.

Billie Piper will not play the next Doctor shock

Quick off the mark, following the announcement of Peter Capaldi’s departure, Billie Piper has been asked if she will be playing the next incarnation of the Doctor. More interestingly she has come down firmly on the side of having a female Doctor next time round. Her thoughts are on the BBC: Doctor Who: Billie Piper says…

Farewell Capaldi!

So, as we suspected, Peter Capaldi will step down as the Doctor at the end of the next series (starting Easter). It’s a clean sweep for Moffat and Capaldi, and quite possibly for Nardole (Matt Lucas). Cue lots of XXX to play the Thirteenth Doctor posts. Will Bill survive as the continuity across Doctors (like Clara,…