Jack’s back for the Revolution of the Daleks

Jack Harkness

So, on Monday we learned Jack Harkness will be back (again) in Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks. I find myself unsurprised and I think it’s rather neat in some ways. I’ll explain why below…

Guess Who’s Back (again)

We know Chris Chibnall likes working with John Barrowman as Captain Jack and I see this being a proper appearance as opposed to a scene. It lets the TARDIS be dealt with and might even lead to rescuing the Doctor from her prison.

More important, with Daleks on the loose (again) and no Doctor, I was never going to believe Grahan, Ryan and Yaz could save the day, even if UNIT get recreated. Jack is far more credible.

Beyond that I wonder if he may be a regular or occasional figure in the next series. Maybe we’ll know more once we’ve seen the festive special.

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