Divergent Wordsmiths release Trial by Ordeal

Trial by Ordeal

In the run-up to Unbound Imaginings: Volume 2, the Divergent Wordsmiths have announced the debut of another release they’ve been working on during 2020: Trial by Ordeal. Full details below…

The Gallifrey Historia

“One of Divergent Wordsmiths’ ongoing side-projects in between our major releases is the development of the Gallifrey Historia. A collaborative effort to construct a largely consistent historical text of events relating to the Doctor’s homeworld in the constellation of Kasterborous.

Today, after many months of work, we’re delighted to release the first volume, Trial by Ordeal. An entry covering the aftermath of the televised The Five Doctors and the audio drama Time in Office. As the Doctor regenerates after the traumatic events on Androzani, the life of his sixth persona runs parallel to a darkening vein on his homeworld. The emergence of new players in a Gallifrey wearied by failed governments and seemingly non-stop crises.

Conspiracy, inquisition, rebellion and power plays. Available to read in full now from our Theories and Addenda page here.

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