Doctor Who: Eden by Annihilation free book

The Divergent Wordsmiths has released what I believe to be their first full length fan novel. It’s a Sixth Doctor, Peri and Frobisher story Eden by Annihilation. Alan Camlann wrote it and well done all – there’s a big difference between a short story and a full novel in terms of commitment. It’s free and…

The Meaning of Big Finish now published

Not content with releasing The Paul Spragg ReCollections, the Divergent Wordsmiths has also released The Meaning of Big Finish. It’s a set of essays on Big Finish covering both Doctor Who and other titles. It’s available as a PDF to download here and completely free, no sign-up required! *** Message Ends ***

Paul Spragg ReCollections now published

The Divergent Wordsmiths has published their Paul Spragg ReCollections and it’s free to download from here. It’s a whopping 214 pages of Short Trips style stories for a range of Doctors and companions. Each has a great cover design as well. It’s a fabulous piece of work. There’s an introduction from Ian Atkins and yours…

The Meaning of Big Finish

You probably know 2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of Big Finish getting the licence for Doctor Who but you may not know the Divergent Wordsmiths are producing a book to celebrate. What’s more they would like help from anyone with a desire to share their thoughts on what Big Finish means to them.