Gwen and Jack

Miracle Day: Episode 10

So tonight we face the final countdown with sacrifices to come and resolution which can only include Jack becoming immortal again and the end of the Miracle. Apart from that no doubt Gwen survives, the bad guys get their come-uppance and we sow the seeds of a future series.

The Gathering

Miracle Day: Episode 9

Tonight (as I write this bit) we get to The Gathering the penultimate episode of Miracle Day which starts with the so-called Torchwood team split up with Gwen back in Wales, Rex back in the CIA and Esther on the run with what seems to be a dying Captain Jack. Given that it is always darkest…

Esther ep 8

Miracle Day: Episode 8

With episode 8 we approach The End of the Road apparently, and with not long left the story needs to start to come together. What happened when Jack was re-united with Angelo? How many times did Gwen call Rhys and need to check the time difference? Was the episode any good? Well for my views, just read…

Gwen and Jack

Miracle Day: Episode 7

So when I can get to my PVR I have Immortal Sins to look forward to – just how much is Jack to blame for what has happened? I know that several reviews have claimed this as the best episode so far and that we have 1920s New York and more of Jack’s past to…

Miracle Day: Episode 5

As we look forward to this week’s The Categories of Life we already know that death will return in some form and that the overflow camps are a bad thing. As usual I have avoided spoilers but I have indulged in some debate about how poor the computer theft sequence was last week. In no…

Jack in Miracle Day 4

Miracle Day: Episode 4

Again I have avoided spoilers from the US showing of this episode, though the name Escape to L.A. tells us certain things (what I don’t know!). I expect the cult will start growing and we will get more of the ‘bad drug company’ story line. I still feel this will be a red herring but who…