Miracle Day: Episode 9

Tonight (as I write this bit) we get to The Gathering the penultimate episode of Miracle Day which starts with the so-called Torchwood team split up with Gwen back in Wales, Rex back in the CIA and Esther on the run with what seems to be a dying Captain Jack. Given that it is always darkest before the dawn I expect a lot of bad things to happen and we are also promised a lot of Gwen and family trying to hide her father from the (I assume) Category 1 inspectors. Given how many not-dead there now are why would they seek just Gwen’s father I have no idea. I will let you know what I thought tomorrow…

Immediate Reaction

At last, though almost too late, a quality episode with some surreal moments (e.g. the taking of Gwen’s father) and lots of progression and (inevitably) reveal as to the nature of The Blessing and a  tightening of the connection to Jack.

The Good and the not so Good


  • Much more of a Torchwood feel (e.g. the old links to Shanghai
  • Everyone did something from Gwen’s mum, to Rhys, to Esther
  • Although the Oswald arrival was a bit contrived it does work having all that tension
  • The official body collector was excellently played
  • The two month’s jump avoided having to show the progression to a new bleak reality
  • The thing with Jack’s blood seemed both a gimmick and also a puzzle
  • The PhiCorp logo being a clue

Not so good:

  • I didn’t particularly like The Blessing, though it avoided looking over alien / technological / organic
  • As individuals The Family seem very ordinary – so what?
  • Hasn’t Danes left someone tied up in a delivery van?


It looks to me that at lest Jack, Oswald and Rex will sacrifice themselves next week and I actually want to see the story! Maybe The Blessing will cure Rex before The Miracle gets switched off?

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