For Queen and Country – great Torchwood news

Another surprise from Big Finish announced today; the fourth story of the new Torchwood range stars Tracy-Ann Overman returning as Yvonne Hartman (so crossing over from Doctor Who). The cast also includes Dan Starkey and Catrin Stewart (two-thirds of the Paternoster Gang, in case anyone thought they might never cross to audio…).

Gareth David-Lloyd talks new Torchwood to the Radio Times

An interview between Gareth David-Lloyd and Huw Fullerton on the Radio Times website is worth a read: This is how the Torchwood radio plays are going to work. It tells us nothing definitive but does give a strong flavour of what is about to come. -+- Message Ends -+-

Ianto Jones returns

Great news today from Big Finish: TORCHWOOD: IANTO JONES WILL RETURN IN OCTOBER. Yes, Gareth David-Lloyd is back in role in a James Goss story and it will be here in October. We also learn the rest of the series follows montly, moving it all forward from the previous January date. Fantastic news! -=- Message Ends -=-

Some Torchwood details in Vortex #76 from Big Finish

The latest Vortex (number 76) from Big Finish (you did know there was a free monthly magazine produced?) has some details on the new Torchwood audios. Vortex is available in PDF format, and this issue is here: VORTEX ISSUE 76. James Goss doesn’t reveal much but does mention a spaceship, each story has a character we know…

Tom Price triggers more Torchwood news

In a suspiciously interesting chance phone call, BBC Radio Wales DJ Tom Price, aka Sgt Andy Davison from Torchwood, is disappointed not to be approached to be in the new Torchwood audios from Big Finish. What else is there to do but phone your old chum Kai Owen and find out what he knows? By chance Kai is on and the…

Torchwood is back in business – what do we know?

Big Finish bringing back Torchwood on audio is good news. As is the way of things (and the BBC are masters of this) there is a lot we don’t know about what is going on. I thought I’d gather together the few facts we have, point out what we don’t know and speculate (trying to…

Magic News – Torchwood comes to Big Finish

In the slowest reveal of some years, scores of Big Finish fans have been steered into listening to the John Barrowman show on Magic FM. As I write, the Big Finish forum – Cryptic FB message is foaming with posts about the delay between the announced time of 18:00 and the lack of definitive news….

Torchwood to return?

A quick link to my Starburst item on Torchwood. Basically it seems as though there are three (or maybe four) audios being made later in 2015 – I liked the BBC audios but wish Big Finish had the licence! (update – and that’s what happened!) *** Message Ends ***

Are we ever going to fall-out with Torchwood?

Set after Miracle Day I was initially worried as to what this might mean for our intrepid heroes as I am not sure where the show is going to evolve. The main nod to continuity is that Gwen pops up but is in the US after Miracle Day and in fact more importantly is this is…

Lost Files

Just to prove that there’s plenty of life in the Jack / Gwen / Ianto / Rhys (sometimes) combo the BBC treated us via Radio 4 to a trio of tales to warm us back up for Miracle Day. Inevitably I gave them a listen and this is how they seemed to me. Ahead of…

Getting excited!

A glut of Torchwood Goodness! So, Friday the 8th and next week we get both episode 1 of the new 10 part Miracle Day series and three audio adventures on Radio 4 – the so-called Lost Files. Clearly I am really looking forward the TV show though with some trepidation – US setting, one long…

A Brace of James Goss Goodness

James Goss is a decent writer of both Torchwood and Dr Who adventures (though I didn’t enjoy his recent Hounds of Artemis). Recently I listened to a couple of adventures (Department X and Ghost Train) both of which are read by Kai Owen (Rhys). I review here…