Stuart Manning Happiness Patrol poster

After a bit of a break, Stuart Manning has posted a new poster for a classic Doctor Who story; this time The Happiness Patrol. A much derided (for its costumes / props) this is actually one of my favourite Seventh Doctor stories (see my review). Fingers crossed more soon! (*) Message Ends (*)

Loch Ness

Return to Loch Ness

The Mirror is reporting details from season nine: Doctor Who to fight tallest ever Briton who plays alien living in Loch Ness. The feature leads on Neil Fingleton, a very tall actor who plays an alien called The Fisher King living in Loch Ness. The piece also mentions the Fourth Doctor story, (Terror of the Zygons) and the Sixth Doctor story Timelash (in…


The death knell for the Seventh Doctor

A more sober piece of reading you may have missed this week is the Den of Geek piece Doctor Who: the 1988 report that sounded its death knell. The basic facts are, of course, widely known. The show was less popular, the management lost faith having steered it into a scheduling nightmare and so forth. I was one of…