Celestial Toyroom 501 and The Happiness Patrol

The DWAS members’ magazine The Celestial Toyroom Issue 510 should be arriving around now. It’s all things John Nathan Turner and includes a piece I wrote on The Happiness Patrol. I’m on pages 37-38 after many worthwhile articles. <<= Message Ends =>>

Terraqueous to release an unofficial Dr Who omnibus

Terreaqueous has revealed plans to release an omnibus of three recent unofficial annuals. August will see the release of ‘The unofficial Dr Who omnibus’, which has a staggering 461 pages and collects the 1972 annual, 1987 annual, and the Master annual.

Heroes – my story for the unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual

I wrote the story Heroes for the Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual – do let me know what you think of it. I seem to be back at one-word titles! It’s a Sixth Doctor and Peri story and the third such I’ve had published (including the Big Finish story Rulebook and the charity story Flowers…

Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual now available!

Terraqueous Distributors has released the Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual and it’s available to buy on Lulu here. If you don’t know it’s a fan recreation of a Sixth Doctor annual that never was, and includes Peri, Mel, The Rani and The Master.

Doctor Who on Boxing Day?!

Good news, there will be Doctor Who on Boxing Day this year (2019). The (perhaps) less good news – it’s every available classic episode streamed on new service BritBox as reported on The Doctor Who Companion: EVERY SURVIVING EPISODE OF CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO COMING TO BRITBOX ON BOXING DAY. Enjoy! *** Message Ends ***

New portraits of the Doctors

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who art work, so great news of new portraits for all (known, excluding the meta) incarnations of the Doctor by Jeremy Enecio. You can get the poster version from several places (including The DWC) or you get them individually…

What did the Sixth Doctor do for the show?

So, time to ask the same question I’ve already asked about the previous few Doctor incarnations: what did the Sixth Doctor do for the show? I’m not dwelling on the negatives, this isn’t another dig at Colin Baker’s time on TV, it’s about the positives and the noteworthy. Yes the context was bad, but there…

The Radio Times on the Sixth Doctor

I start my month of Sixth Doctor content with a trawl of the Radio Times reviews. Fans of a nervous disposition should look away now. It’s not pleasant, in fact it’s a horror show. Thankfully Big Finish has shown us the way and Sixie is now much-loved and respected. Meanwhile, back at the Radio Times…

Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual cover reveal

The cover for The Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual has now been fully revealed (left) and it’s cracking! I’m really intrigued by the jungle setting and can’t wait to get a copy of this as and when it comes out. Details on the FaceBook page linked above. <:> Message Ends <:>

Unofficial 1987 Annual teaser

The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1987 has started some teaser cover reveals for their Sixth Doctor project. No news (yet) on the content but I’m already very interested! More when as it happens. <<< Message Ends >>>

The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1987 announced

Coincident with the publication of The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1972, Terraqueous Distributors has announced their next project; it’s the turn of the Sixth Doctor and The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1987. Details are scarce but if you’re interested in contributing, visit the FaceBook page for the 1972 project (link above) or email doctorwhoannual@aol.co.uk. <<<…

Stuart Manning Revelation of the Daleks poster

A surprise from Stuart Manning is this Sixth Doctor Revelation of the Daleks poster. Apparently done just for fun, it reminds me I must rewatch this at some point! (– Message Ends –)