Attack of the Cybermen reviewed

To call Attack of the Cybermen a confused collage of tropes and ideas might be easy and justified but misses the point. In many ways less than the sum of its parts, it is not without some merits, even if it needed trimming back and reshaping. Whence does this confusion arise? Well the clue may be in…

Five Days to go!

Yes, the countdown has reached five; five more days until Saturday the 19th of September, 2015. The day for all Doctor Who fans to rejoice. Yes, it’s Big Finish Day 7! What? There’s something on TV that evening? Well I know where my priorities lie (and I can make it down the motorway in time for The Magician’s Apprentice!

Catch Colin Baker at Whooverville 7

If you are anywhere near Derby on September 7, 2015 you can catch Colin Baker at Whooverville 7. This is an annual get together and is being held at the QUAD Derby. Other guests include Barnaby Edwards, Matthew Waterhouse, Dan Starkey and Terrance Dicks. Tickets cost between £10 and £40 and are available here. More information on…

This is Colin Baker announced

Big Finish has just announced another Colin Baker / Sixth Doctor release for September 2015 — This is Colin Baker. It is a two-hour interview carried out by Nick Briggs and costs £6.99 (download) or £8.99 on 2 CDs. Order it now! === Message Ends ===

Return to Loch Ness

The Mirror is reporting details from season nine: Doctor Who to fight tallest ever Briton who plays alien living in Loch Ness. The feature leads on Neil Fingleton, a very tall actor who plays an alien called The Fisher King living in Loch Ness. The piece also mentions the Fourth Doctor story, (Terror of the Zygons) and the Sixth Doctor story Timelash (in…