Sarah Jane Smith Roving Reporter update

Pencil Tip Publishing has announced further details of their upcoming charity book Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter. The news includes information writers, stories and ways for more people to contribute. The details are taken from their FaceBook page. Warning! One of the stories is mine!

Sarah Jane Smith roving reporter

The stories announced so far are:

Rob Nisbet (The Yohwah Prophecy), Dan Tessier (Exposure), Russell McGee (The Haunting of Chilingham Manor), Tony Jones (In Memoriam) and Kevin Mason (The Fires of Beltane). You’ll recognise some Big Finish names apart from mine.

There’s also suggestion an artist may be contributing a comic strip. I have a guess who, but no reason other than I’m aware of their work.

They also want essays concentrating on Sarah Jane. The essay can focus on any subject including covering any aspect of her life, her travels with the Doctor, her writing career, the enduring popularity of the character and/or of the actress who played her (Lis Sladen) – basically anything you’d like to write about. Other possible topics of discussion might be an analysis of her travels, or the cases she’s covered (Who and SJA). Sarah Jane Smith Fashion Icon? Was Sarah really feminist? A character analysis. An in depth overview of K-9 and Company, or the Sarah Jane Adventures. Maybe you’d like to discuss/review/analyze the Sarah Jane Smith audio’s from Big Finish. The topics up for discussion are totally wide open.

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