Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter news

Pencil Tip Publishing has released an update on its forthcoming Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter. It’s due late 2020 / early 2021, but we now have list of stories and writers. Like many other titles, this is a charity raiser in this case the British Columbia Cancer Foundation. Details after the link (spoiler — I…

Sarah Jane Smith Roving Reporter update

Pencil Tip Publishing has announced further details of their upcoming charity book Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter. The news includes information writers, stories and ways for more people to contribute. The details are taken from their FaceBook page. Warning! One of the stories is mine!

Cover reveal for Temporal Logbook II

Pencil Tip Publishing has revealed the cover for the forthcoming Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys, in which I wrote the Fifth Doctor story. It’s expected late May, and all proceeds go to charity (The Positive Living Society of British Columbia).

A Heart on Both Sides review

So, with Rob Nisbet’s A Heart on Both Sides the Time War comes to the Short Trips range, and we learn just what Nyssa did next, next as in long after any travels with the Fifth Doctor. As the cover makes clear, this is an Eighth Doctor story, and comes out just in time to get us in the mood…

More Short Trips Rarities to come

The latest podcast has revealed the incoming arrival of more Short Trips Rarities! Following on from last years tranche, five more titles are due to be released for download only.

Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys lineup

There’s a new edition of The Temporal Logbook on the way early in 2018. Called Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys, it has thirteen stories (First – Twelfth Doctors + War, no Thirteenth) plus some bonuses. I’ve even penned one of these, the Fifth Doctor story Flowers in the Rain!

The Christmas Dimension review on Cultbox

December 2016 brought us a vast array of Doctor Who goodness, and main range subscribers also got their free Subscriber Short Trips story, The Christmas Dimension. This is a Rob Nisbet story for the Third Doctor, read by Stephen Critchlow and also featuring Liz Shaw. It’s a fun seasonal offering, reviewed over on Cultbox as part of the mega-review: Big Finish’s…

The Second Doctor Volume One reviewed

It’s the turn of the Second Doctor to have a boxset in the re-launched Companion Chronicles range. The Doctor may be the titular focus of the stories, but this set is really about his evolving relationship with Jamie. There’s no big arc, just a sense of coherence about these four stories in they all give an…

Subscriber Short Trips 2012 reviewed

My peruse of the Subscriber Short Trips range hits 2012. Four stories, first and last read by John Banks, second and third by Stephen Critchlow. We have the usual mix of Doctors and companions and plenty to enjoy.

Subscriber Short Trips 2013 reviewed

Yet more attention to the Subscriber Short Trips (SSTs) with 2013 falling under the spotlight. In terms of production, these are a mixed bag. The first two are read by Stephen Critchlow the second two by John Banks. The first three are around 35-45 minutes long, with the final being just under 30 minutes. There are also…