Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys lineup

There’s a new edition of The Temporal Logbook on the way early in 2018. Called Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys, it has thirteen stories (First – Twelfth Doctors + War, no Thirteenth) plus some bonuses. I’ve even penned one of these, the Fifth Doctor story Flowers in the Rain!

Temporal Logbook II details

Full details of all the writers (many of whom should be familiar to Big Finish Short Trips fans):

  • First Doctor – Ghosts of the Future by Hamish Crawford
  • Second Doctor – The Clockwork Dreamer Sings Songs To The Stars by Nic Ford
  • Third Doctor – The Spectre of Gelsandor by Russell McGee
  • Fourth Doctor – Nightfall on Titan by Richard Peevers
  • Fifth Doctor – Flowers In The Rain by Tony Jones
  • Sixth Doctor – Symbiogenesis by Rob Nisbet
  • Seventh Doctor – Five for Rebecca Chancer by Nick Mellish
  • Eighth Doctor – O’er The Hills and Far Away by Benjamin Pocock
  • Ninth Doctor – The Lights of Kenzazi by Kate Coleman
  • Tenth Doctor – The Elephant Man Never Forgets by Kevin Mason
  • Eleventh Doctor – The Canterbury Tale by Frank Danes
  • Twelfth Doctor – The Pride and Prejudice of a Time Lord by David Smith & Violet Addison
  • War Doctor – The Muspilli Convention by J.E. Remy
  • Fifth Doctor – Ghost Train by Fiona MacDonald **Bonus Story**
  • Eighth Doctor – Confused and Changed by Nick Mellish  **Bonus Story**

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