Paul McGann: Time Traveller

He’s travelled through time as the Eighth Doctor, but now Paul McGann will don the goggles of a seasons steampunk time traveller as he boards (figuratively speaking) HG Wells’s time machine for a trip back to 1890s Victorian England.

Victorian Sensations: Decadence and Degeneration

Late nineteenth century Victorian England is when we can really see some of the roots of modern technology emerge and begin to judge its impact on culture. It’s part of why Jago & Litefoot is set at an interesting moment able to draw on new technologies in a mysterious way. It’s also the subject of a three part BBC Four series Victorian Sensations and Paul McGann is our guide for episode two. It’s also (probably) a large part of why steampunk is what it is.

If you can catch this I believe it will be a deeply fascinating series. Here’s a snippet of the synopsis or Paul’s episode:

Well-known as the Eighth Doctor in Doctor Who, Paul again travels through time, now seated in H.G. Wells’ Time Machine, to see how the author’s prophecies of a future in which humanity has decayed and degenerated, highlighted the fears and anxieties of the British Empire.

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