Paul McGann: Time Traveller

He’s travelled through time as the Eighth Doctor, but now Paul McGann will don the goggles of a seasons steampunk time traveller as he boards (figuratively speaking) HG Wells’s time machine for a trip back to 1890s Victorian England.

HG Wells and Doctor Who

Ignoring the appearance of a young Herbert in Timelash, the real HG Wells (pictured) had an undeniable impact on Doctor Who. Taking The Time Machine as a given, and allowing War of the Worlds as an influence, I think it goes beyond that. I’d like to mention the connection to another Wells classic – The First Men in the Moon.

Subscriber Short Trips 2014 reviewed

More attention for the Subscriber Short Trips releases as I take a listen to the four stories provided to main range subscribers in 2014. Covering four different incarnations of the Doctor, the first three are read by Hugh Ross, the fourth by Stephen Critchlow. Running times are from around twenty minutes and up. This is…

Return to Loch Ness

The Mirror is reporting details from season nine: Doctor Who to fight tallest ever Briton who plays alien living in Loch Ness. The feature leads on Neil Fingleton, a very tall actor who plays an alien called The Fisher King living in Loch Ness. The piece also mentions the Fourth Doctor story, (Terror of the Zygons) and the Sixth Doctor story Timelash (in…