Virtual Big Finish Day — what might we hear?

Virtual Big Finish Day

It’s not long now until Virtual Big Finish Day kicks off on YouTube (16:00 BST 1 Aug 2020). We’ve had news of a panel with two Susans, we’ve just had news of Harry Sullivan and new companion for the Fourth Doctor, Naomi. What more might we get? All speculation!

Here there be clickbait!

My guess as to why the 2024 news about the Fourth Doctor is they may have just recorded it. It’s good to see recast Harry Sullivan, and good luck to Eleanor Crooks as new companion Naomi. Plenty to look forward to, but I expect some announcement or comment about 2023. What will Big Finish be doing for the show’s sixtieth?

I expect some general chat about various Doctors, the demise of the main range (not long now until #275) , and a perhaps more news of recasts (though most bases have been covered).

There’s be updates on Torchwood (I assume) and various non-Who ranges. Perhaps a sense of what next (if anything) for Blake’s 7 and a surprise. I also anticipate an update on various newer ranges, including both originals and some of the recent releases (eg Adam Adamant and Timeslip as well as Space 1999).

I’ll be picking over the details in the next few days. Have a good one!

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