Destiny of the Doctor re-issue

Big Finish has announced a re-issue for Destiny of the Doctor. I think it’s well worth a listen and the news item is: BRAND NEW: DOCTOR WHO – DESTINY OF THE DOCTORS. The new set has the documentary added, previously only available on the now deleted limited edition. If you aren’t sure, have a look at my guide: R3…

Big Finish Humble Bundle offer

Over on Humble Bundle is a Big Finish Worlds of Doctor Who offer, running until January 6, 2016. The idea is you pay what you want and can get (up to) $238 worth of Big Finish titles. There’ even some bits for Doctor Who Legacy as well. Details here. +++ Message Ends +++

R3 Guide to Destiny of the Doctor

I’ve collected together all my reviews for Destiny of the Doctor for ease of reference. There are other bits and pieces you can find by using the SEARCH option or the menu item.

12 Days of Big Finish-mas 2014

First Merry Christmas to all visitors to mine humble blog. Second, welcome to Big Finish-mas 2014! Every day for twelve days over the holidays there will be special offers on download only. Will there be a thirteenth? Each day (or so) I’ll update this post with the details and some thoughts. It isn’t all Doctor Who related…

Creating The Time Machine with Matt Fitton

When I was writing my StarBurst feature on the Destiny of the Doctor series I was lucky enough to get plenty of material from several people that I couldn’t use at the time. This was mostly around the Time Machine by Matt Fitton – at the time AudioGO had just run into trouble and it was unclear whether…

Destiny of the Doctor boxset and more news

Big Finish has made the Destiny of the Doctor boxset available and if you haven’t heard this I heartily recommend it. If like me you bought the download subscription back in the mists of time (January) you will be pleased to know that series subscribers can now get the behind the scenes Meeting Destiny documentary as a bonus….

Amazon acquire AudioGO catalogue (Starburst article)

A quick mention for those interested in what will happen to AudioGO and its catalogue – it seems Amazon have got most of it. I have more detail in my StarBurst article Audio News: Amazon Acquire Rights to the AUDIOGO Catalogue. This affects Torchwood and Doctor Who material (though Destiny of the Doctor has a separate arrangement so it…

What next for Doctor Who?

It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled; it’s also been a while since I wrote a piece of pure speculation based on no insight or knowledge. As it’s Friday and almost a week since the climax of the fans’ year I thought I would mull over how the next fifty years of…

Time Machine review on Starburst

Just a quick mention for my Starburst review of Matt Fitton’s conclusion to the Destiny of the Doctor series which you can find at this link: Audio Review: DOCTOR WHO – THE TIME MACHINE. If you want my more detailed review then you can find it under The Time Machine Reviewed. Enjoy! -!- Message Ends -!-

The Time Machine reviewed

After slight delays due to the problems with AudioGO (and our best wishes to those caught up in the collapse of the company) The Time Machine by Matt Fitton adds the Eleventh Doctor to the Destiny of the Doctor range. This story is narrated by Jenna Coleman though here she plays Alice Watson rather than Clara. Michael Cochrane plays…

Destiny of the Doctor – Starburst feature article

I wrote a feature on the Destiny of the Doctor series for Starburst before the recent news of AudioGO entering administration. I modified it somewhat but I think that the piece still stands and has merit. Please do have a look and feel free to give feedback (*) Message Ends (*)

Starburst review of Death’s Deal

Just a plug for my Starburst review of Deaths Deal by Darren Jones, the Tenth Doctor adventure in the Destiny of the Doctor range. Performed by Catherine Tate reprising Donna this is a really good story (reviewed also here). Do let me know what you think! (^) Message Ends (^)