12 Days of Big Finish-mas 2014

Christmas GIftsFirst Merry Christmas to all visitors to mine humble blog. Second, welcome to Big Finish-mas 2014! Every day for twelve days over the holidays there will be special offers on download only.

Will there be a thirteenth?

Each day (or so) I’ll update this post with the details and some thoughts. It isn’t all Doctor Who related so expect a feast of titles.

The twelve days

Without further ado…

Day 1: Dorian Gray 1.1 This World our Hell was made available for free. If you haven’t tried Dorian Gray before, fill your boots. Don’t forget your free Christmas story as well: Frostbite

Day 2: The Auntie Matter is a good Fourth Doctor and Romana story worth a listen even if you don’t get the whole series. My thoughts here. If you like killer androids, this is your kind of story

Day 3: Vienna: The Memory Box is a good story in its own right fleshing out the character of Vienna Salvatori. I reviewed it here. The following boxset is also worth a listen and there is another due in February

Day 4: Sherlock Holmes The Tangled Skein. Another non-Who release (I predict a day 13 sale like last year) 

Day 5: The Scorchies takes us back to Doctor Who and the Companion Chronicles. This is wonderful in its own right and also introduces the alien puppet monsters that also appeared in a recent Jago & Litefoot. Repeat after me: Jo is making a thing…

Day 6: Step up Bernice Summerfield in Love and War the first Benny story where she meet the Seventh Doctor and Ace

Day 7: Queen of Time from the Lost Stories and a chance for the Second Doctor to shine (as voiced by Frazer). This also has Jamie and Zoe and was part of the fourth and final batch of lost tales

Day 8: Plague of the Daleks and its the Fifth Doctor in my favourite of the Stockbridge trilogy

Day 9: The Turing Test from the first Blake’s 7 Lberator Chronicles. If you haven’t tried the Blake’s 7 releases this is a good introduction

Day 10: and it’s the Companion Chronicles and an excellent story The Beginning telling how the First Doctor and Susan first arrive on Earth

Day 11: gives more Doctor Who with Short Trips Volume 3

Day 12: the excellent Destiny of the Doctor and titles are available individually or a bundle of 11. My set of posts is here

Day 13: this was a reprise of days 1-12; queries on the forums confirmed there will be more sales but at present the focus is this month’s releases and BF Day 6

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