Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 scheduled

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has given September 2020 for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Impressive turnaround as the Unofficial Master Album 2074 only just came out! What’s next? Eighth Doctor Album 1996? War Doctor? Division Doctors? I can’t wait! === Message Ends ===

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 revealed

At the bottom of their press information for today’s release of The Unofficial Master Annual 2074 Terraqueous has revealed something else – work has started on planning the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. This time the focus is on the Seventh Doctor. Wicked! More details as they appear. *** Message Ends ***

Doctor Who: Dark Universe review

Confession time. I don’t like every Doctor Who story. There are several things that annoy me either through overuse or just because they don’t work for me. This includes: saving the entire universe (can somebody please explain the idea of BIG one day; reset the universe to get over some inconvenient death and destruction; it…