Seventh Doctor top titles from the Radio Times poll

The Radio Times poll of Seventh Doctor main range titles is out and I have to say the top two include two of my favourite ever, and they may even be my top two as well across all Doctors! The press release is below..

The Sirens of Time is the latest #lockdownload

It’s almost time for the final ever Doctor Who main range title to be released, so what better way to mark the occasion than revisiting the very first story Sirens of Time? Full details of this week’s Big Finish give-away follow…

Double Doctor delight for #lockdownload from Big Finish

Big Finish is pulling out all the stops with two free giveaways for one week only as part of their commitment to supporting fans during lockdown. It’s the Sixth Doctor and Seventh Doctor plus some sale opportunities. Full details follow.

The Seventh Doctor: A new kind of hero?

The latest TARDIS Magazine includes an article of mine — The Seventh Doctor: A new kind of here? and I was pleased to find it right near the front, just after a fascinating Sylvester McCoy interview. Now I have my copy, I really do recommend it and not just for fans of the Seventh Doctor….

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1988 on the way

Terraqueous Distributors has announced another project on Facebook (see here) and it’s The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1988. It seems they’ve been flooded with material for recent releases (guilty) and didn’t need to ask for submissions. Oh well! More news as it appears. +++ Message Ends +++

Doctor Who: Grey Man of the Mountain review on Cultbox

The final one-Doctor outing for Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor, The Grey Man of the Mountain was a good listen, if not the strongest story ever. I wrote a review for Cultbox, which you can find here. +++ Message Ends +++

TARDIS issue 2 now available

Issue 2 of the recently revived TARDIS magazine is ready and available to order. I understand it might even be more impressively laid out than the first issue. This time it’s a Seventh Doctor special, and there are contributions from Jessica Martin and Stephen Wyatt, as well as (of course) Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford and…

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 video

I just discovered there’s a video giving a good idea of the quality of the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. It even show’s my story (Lessons Learned?) at around 5:16! On a more serious note this is a very well produced book and it’s all for charity, so do (please!) take a look. *** Message…

The End of the Beginning for the Big Finish main range

The Big Finish main range of Doctor Who stories began with Sirens of Time, a multi-Doctor tale and ends in similar fashion. This time four Doctors as Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann bid farewell to the monthly releases. The release is The End of the Beginning, and is written by Robert…

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 released!

As has been much promoted, The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 is now released! You can buy it from Lulu (link below) and read more on the Terraqueous Distributors Facebook page. I’ve shamelessly stolen their press release (below).

Seventh Doctor and Ace — Beano style!

Terraqueous Distributors has really pulled out the stops for The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Not only are Jessica Martin and Stephen Wyatt involved, but there’s also a complete Beano comic strip for the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Plenty more information thanks to John Freeman of here: Unofficial Beano-style Doctor Who strip in the…

Jessica Martin and Stephen Wyatt in the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989

Terraqueous Distributors has revealed two more contributors to the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 — Jessica Martin and Stephen Wyatt. We now learn there’s an exclusive prequel story to the ‘Greatest Show’, written by Chris McAuley and approved By Stephen Wyatt. Where we learn just how Mags and the Capt found each other. *** Message…