Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 to be released on Doctor Who Day!

What’s got 197 full colour pages and a great selection of stories, puzzles and features and is all about the Seventh Doctor and Ace? And is it also being released on November 23 2020? Yes, it’s the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 from Terraqueous Distributors! More information as they continue their teasers! +++ Message Ends…

Celestial Toyroom 501 and The Happiness Patrol

The DWAS members’ magazine The Celestial Toyroom Issue 510 should be arriving around now. It’s all things John Nathan Turner and includes a piece I wrote on The Happiness Patrol. I’m on pages 37-38 after many worthwhile articles. <<= Message Ends =>>

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 contributors revealed

If you examined the picture to the left, you’ll see Terraqueous Distributors has revealed the list of contributors for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Familiar names include Andrew Cartmel, and a few lines up one Tony Jones! More details on my Seventh Doctor and Ace story once the book is out! +++ Message Ends…

Two new Doctor Who main range titles revealed

Big Finish has revealed details for the two December 2020 releases: Plight of the Pimpernel and The Grey Man of the Mountain. They bring the Sixth Doctor, Peri, the Seventh Doctor, Ace and the Brigadier for our entertainment. Full press release below.

More news on the Unofficial Dr Who 1989 annual

Terraqueous Distributors has started reveals for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. So far we’ve a cover with promise of more to come. The annual itself (focussing on the Seventh Doctor and Ace) is due soon. *** Message Ends ***

New main range titles details

Despite the announcement of the end of the main range, Big Finish still has a good few titles to release;-) There’s been some shuffling due to lockdown, but all has settled. Details after the break.

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 news

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has posted some amazing artwork from the upcoming Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. From the pictures already posted, this annual promises to be something rather special. More news as it arises! +++ Message Ends +++

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 scheduled

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has given September 2020 for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Impressive turnaround as the Unofficial Master Album 2074 only just came out! What’s next? Eighth Doctor Album 1996? War Doctor? Division Doctors? I can’t wait! === Message Ends ===

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 revealed

At the bottom of their press information for today’s release of The Unofficial Master Annual 2074 Terraqueous has revealed something else – work has started on planning the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. This time the focus is on the Seventh Doctor. Wicked! More details as they appear. *** Message Ends ***

Doctor Who main range 1-50 for less than £75!

Big Finish has gone sale crazy and I must mention the main range 1-50 sale. It runs until April 20, 2020 (23:59 UK time) and each main range title is on sale (downloads only) for £1.49. You can’t go out and grab a coffee, so why not grab a few of these instead? You can…

Doctor Who: Dark Universe review

Confession time. I don’t like every Doctor Who story. There are several things that annoy me either through overuse or just because they don’t work for me. This includes: saving the entire universe (can somebody please explain the idea of BIG one day; reset the universe to get over some inconvenient death and destruction; it…