Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 1 review

So, we now have the first set of Torchwood stories set in what would have been (so we are informed) the fifth series of the TV show. Heavily informed by Children of Earth and ignoring (so far, and I hope permanently) Miracle Day, this is a Phoenix like rebirth in the city of Cardiff and more than just a set…

The return of Captain John

Another TV returnee to the Big Finish Torchwood range, this time James Masters is back as Captain John. The story is the wonderfully titled The Death of Captain Jack. David Llewellyn has tackled everything Torchwood in this story, and we are promised Ianto Jones, Norton Folgate, Rhys Williams, Queen Victoria ann PC Andy! The news item is: CAPTAIN JOHN…

Torchwood: The Dying Room review

I had a listen to Torchwood: The Dying Room by Lizzie Hopley and penned some thoughts for Starburst Magazine. It’s set in World War II Paris, and stars Mark Elstob alongside Simon Russell Beale. I liked it, but was left wanting more. My thoughts are: TORCHWOOD: THE DYING ROOM. ^^^ Message Ends ^^^

Torchwood: Cascade review

I penned a few thoughts on Scott Handcock’s excellent Cascade, a Torchwood story for Naoko Mori as Toshika Sato. I thoroughly enjoyed Scott’s audio imaging of this suitably crazy tale; my review is on the CultBox site: Torchwood: Cascade review. +== Message Ends ==+

Torchwood: The Office of Never Was review

Once again, James Goss demonstrates his mastery of the dramatic in this latest Torchwood release, The Office of Never Was. Gareth David-Lloyd stars as the much-missed Ianto Jones in this hour-long story set in a deserted office block. It starts spooky, and ends by explaining just how Ianto manages the ethical dilemmas working with Torchwood throws up. It’s…