Torchwood gets another year on iPlayer

My lockdown rewatch of Torchwood has been crawling along and I did wonder if I’d reach the end of even series 1 before it left iPlayer. I now know (thanks to the Doctor Who Companion) it has been extended: TORCHWOOD AVAILABLE TO WATCH ON BBC IPLAYER FOR ANOTHER YEAR AFTER FAN SUPPORT ON SOCIAL MEDIA….

Torchwood: Sgt Andy goes to Mars (just outside Neath)

Big Finish has released Torchwood: Red Base. It’s all about Mars and murder. Who better to investigate for Torchwood than Sgt Andy? How long can it take to get from Cardiff to your local base on Mars? Not long if it’s in Wales!

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us joins the weekly freebies

Big Finish has revealed this week’s (17 Aug 2020) weekly freebie and it’s Changes Everything the first part of Aliens Among Us. There’s also a sale — full details from the press release after the break.

Torchwood: Save our Souls released

Queen Victoria is back in Torchwood: Save our Souls. It’s Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, but with a supernatural entity, a lonely island and Torchwood‘s finest to defend against incursions.

Torchwood on Mars and other 2020 releases

Big Finish has announced details of the most varied selection of new Torchwood titles I can remember since they started. Hold onto your hats! Sgt Andy Davidson is fresh from Baker Street and the Eighth Doctor Stranded range and here he is, back in Torchwood and on Mars! Full details follow…

Torchwood Soho — Parasite details released

Big Finish has announced details for upcoming Torchwood boxset — Torchwood Soho — Parasite. It is (of course) more adventures for Sgt Andy Davison, fresh from Baker Street in Doctor Who: Stranded (or maybe before?!) and Norton Folgate. Lots of great actors and a different type of storytelling. Good news is Big Finish still expects…

Big Finish resumes shipping CDs

Big Finish has announced it will start to ship CDs but it will be a slow process. Since lockdown, Big Finish put the interest of staff above everything else (of course) and moved to download only as an interim. From June 8th this changes — details below.

Big Torchwood sale from Big Finish

Until 23:59 UK time on April 8 2020 you can get a huge 50% reduction on 30 Torchwood titles. What are you waiting for? Details here. **( Message Ends )**

Torchwood news from Big Finish

Big Finish has released details for more Torchwood monthly releases: Iceberg and Save Our Souls starring Burn Gorman as Dr Owen Harper and Rowena Cooper as Queen Victoria. It’s a good time to be a Torchwood fan, with all TV episodes also available to watch in the UK on iPlayer.

Sir Michael Palin joins Torchwood!

Winning the prize for most unlikely news item of the year, Big Finish has revealed Sir Michael Palin will narrate the April 2020 Torchwood story Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4.

Torchwood: The Future’s so bright we gotta wear shades!

Big Finish has confirmed another run of stories for Team Torchwood, and to celebrate Ianto, Gwen, Jack, Toshiko and Owen have booked a holiday (if you trust the picture!). The new batch of twelve Torchwood tales starts in April 2020 – we have some details…

Captain John is back!

Today (Thursday 16 Jan 2020) sees the second of this week’s Torchwood releases and it’s time for Captain John vs Captain Jack! Yes, James Marsters returns in The Sins of Captain John! Warning – it’s very much not for children!