Torchwood: Corpse Day review

Well, James Goss has been at it again with another fantastic, if dark [even by Torchwood standards] story in Corpse Day. Notable anyhow for being the first return for Burn Gorman as Dr Owen Harper, with Tom Price also appearing as PC Andy Davidson. It’s got a big cast, a powerful story and packs a real punch…

Torchwood Aliens Among Us announced

Announced today is a new Torchwood boxset and effectively Torchwood Series 5. Released in three four-disc boxsets starting in August 2017, Torchwood: Aliens Among Us is about the rebuilding of the Cardiff base and a darker version of Cardiff. Others sets will appear in October 2017 and in the new year. This is effectively a 12 episode season!

Torchwood: The Dollhouse review

Once again the Big Finish Torchwood range proves it can do no wrong with the brilliant Juno Dawson story The Dollhouse. In style it’s a very obvious Charley’s Angels tribute, and being of the right age it really worked for me. It’s also Torchwood, so there’s aliens, some swearing and plenty of dark undercurrent. I loved it; here’s…

Torchwood The Dollhouse trailer launched

If you need a bit of cheering up this Monday morning, and you’ve already heard the wonderful Jago and Litefoot Revival Act One, pop across to Big Finish and have a listen to the trailer for Torchwood: The Dollhouse. On the evidence of this, Juno Dawson has hit exactly the write note and as someone old enough…

Torchwood: Visiting Hours review

Season 3 of Big Finish Torchwood kicks off in style with Nerys Hughes and Kai Owen as mother and son Brenda and Rhys Williams in David Llewellyn’s Visiting Hours. The standard of entertainment and production is as high as ever, and this season promises to match the high standards set already.