Time in Office review

I enjoyed the Eddie Robson set of Doctor Who stories collected as Time in Office and put together some thoughts for CultBox: Time in Office (Doctor Who Audio) review. It’s a good mix of President Fifth Doctor, Leela, Tegan and some good stories. Much recommended! +++ Message Ends +++

The Silurian Candidate reviewed

The first of the September 2017 brace of Doctor Who main range releases is Matthew J Elliott’s The Silurian Candidate. The title deliberately echoes The Manchurian Candidate so foretelling some of the plot. It’s a decent tale, and perhaps even more so for the range given to Mel and Ace. Let’s dive in…

The Blood Furnace reviewed

The August 2017 main range release The Blood Furnace sees the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Mel take on a strange corporation in Eddie Robson’s story set in the 1990s. It’s a slightly odd story but scratch the surface and you see how well constructed it is, even though (perhaps) it is a little frustrating. I’ll explain…

Listen to The Company of Friends

Every month, Big Finish reduces a title substantially, and this month it’s the superb 2009 main range title Company of Friends. Reduced to £2.99 (UK price) it’s a bargain and highly recommended. It consists of four Eighth Doctor stories, each with a different companion. Each is interesting, and (in my humble &c &c) one is a must have purchase,…

Doctor Who and the Pirates artwork

I’ve been unable to tear myself away from Kenny Smith’s archive trawl on twitter, and here’s artwork for one of my favourite stories, Doctor Who and the Pirates. Written by Jac Rayner, it’s a brilliant Sixth Doctor and Evelyn story also starring Helen Goldwyn. What’s not to like?! ~~~ Message Ends ~~~