Fear and Blazing in Doctor Who

The Blazing Hour
The Blazing Hour

As the main range winds down to a close, Big Finish has revealed details for two of the final few releases. It’s outings for the Fifth Doctor and Sixth Doctor in titles scheduled for January and February. Only one more to follow;-(

Once more unto the TARDIS

Here’s the full press release:

Two brand-new Doctor Who audio adventures for the Fifth and Sixth Doctors are due in early 2021, as the Big Finish Monthly range nears its completion. Peter Davison and Colin Baker return to Doctor Who in two new four-part stories as the TARDIS takes the Time Lord into the far future to face not only horrifically inhuman monsters but also terrifyingly giant insects.  

Mark Strickson and Miranda Raison reprise their roles as their respective Doctor’s companions, Turlough and Constance, in each story, alongside guest stars Rakie Ayola (Violet Hardaker) and Nicholas Asbury (Mollis).  

Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour and Colony of Fear are now both available to pre-order as collector’s edition CDs (at £14.99 each) or digital downloads (at £12.99 each), at www.bigfinish.com.  

Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour by James Kettle 

The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Turlough to a high-tech scientific installation on the planet Testament in the distant future. The human race have become intergalactic buccaneers, thanks to their ability to generate vast amount of power for long-distance travel. Testament is the source of that power – and the Doctor has never quite understood how it works. 

But experiments are underway on Testament – experiments with potentially explosive and devastating consequences. And even the Doctor may be too late to stop it.  

With politicians and bureaucrats getting in the way, the race is on. Not to stop a disaster – but to save as many people as possible. 

Sometimes there can be no victory. 

Producer David Richardson said:

“Doctor Who rarely does straight thrillers and this is a white knuckle ride, a fast paced drama that never lets up for its two hour duration. Then there’s Violet Hardaker – one of the most terrible monsters Doctor Who has ever presented and a human who does terrible things in the conviction that she is right. What a story!” 

Doctor Who: Colony of Fear by Roland Moore 

Sometimes the TARDIS takes the Doctor to where he needs to go… 

Answering a distress call from the out-world of Triketha, the Doctor and Constance Clarke discover human colonists battling against an onslaught of giant, malevolent insects. The insects’ sting induces a coma, and it is only a matter of time before all the colonists succumb.  

The Doctor is curious as to the origins of the insects, which appeared from nowhere, and offers his assistance to the colony’s governor. But is this the Doctor’s first visit to Triketha, or has he been here before? The Doctor must confront a past that he has no memory of and take responsibility for the consequences of his actions. 

Producer/ Director John Ainsworth said:

“Roland Moore’s script combines many of the classic elements that have always made for great Doctor Who adventures; a group of disparate and desperate people, trapped together in isolation, fighting an alien menace.  

“On top of this Roland introduces an element which asks difficult questions about the Doctor’s actions and his responsibility for how they impact on people’s lives”. 

Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour and Colony of Fear are now both available to pre-order exclusively from the Big Finish website, priced at £14.99 each (as a collector’s edition CD) and £12.99 each (as a digital download).  

As previously announced, the final story in the original Doctor Who: Monthly Adventure range will be released in March 2021, before the revamped ranges, featuring a regular rotation of releases, with each Doctor starring in their own box sets of adventures throughout the year, begin in January 2022.  

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