Fifth Doctor top titles from Radio Times poll

The Radio Times poll for the main range Fifth Doctor titles is closed, and the winners announced. Apart from the predicable Spare Parts, there were two of my personal favourites (both by Paul Magrs). Full details below. You can still vote in this week’s Sixth Doctor poll.

An unexpected return in the Fifth Doctor Adventures

The Fifth Doctor Adventures: The Lost Resort and Other Stories brings the Fifth Doctor back to his (temporarily) abandoned companions Tegan, Nyssa and new companion Marc… and someone else… The return of Adric? Doctor Who – The Fifth Doctor Adventures: The Lost Resort and Other Stories reunites the Doctor with his companions (last heard in the 2020…

The Sirens of Time is the latest #lockdownload

It’s almost time for the final ever Doctor Who main range title to be released, so what better way to mark the occasion than revisiting the very first story Sirens of Time? Full details of this week’s Big Finish give-away follow…

Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour review on CultBox

I reviewed Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour for CultBox. For me, it had its moments, but failed to score highly for reasons I cover in the review. You can read my thoughts here: Doctor Who audio drama The Blazing Hour review. +++ Message Ends +++

Doctor Who: Wicked Sisters review on Cultbox

I mostly enjoyed Doctor Who: Wicked Sisters by Simon Guerrier, and found it a welcome change of pace compared to some other titles. It’s not perfect and while the idea of the Fifth Doctor and Leela wishing to put the tracer twins aka Graceless sisters Abby and Zara out of commission has its merits, I’d…

The End of the Beginning for the Big Finish main range

The Big Finish main range of Doctor Who stories began with Sirens of Time, a multi-Doctor tale and ends in similar fashion. This time four Doctors as Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann bid farewell to the monthly releases. The release is The End of the Beginning, and is written by Robert…

Wicked Sisters sale!

To mark the release of Wicked Sisters, Big Finish has a great sale on everything Graceless. It’s one of the stronger ideas Big Finish ever came up with and spun out of the Key2Time main range trilogy many years ago (ten!) I can recommend all of the titles, and they’ve been covered here extensively. +++…

Fear and Blazing in Doctor Who

As the main range winds down to a close, Big Finish has revealed details for two of the final few releases. It’s outings for the Fifth Doctor and Sixth Doctor in titles scheduled for January and February. Only one more to follow;-(

The Fifth Doctor is under the Shadow of the Daleks!

Big Finish has released details of two forthcoming Fifth Doctor main range releases and they’re linked! The two form the story Shadow of the Daleks and will arrive late 2020. It’s also (thanks to lockdown) a set of eight short stories, not two longer ones. Interesting! The full press release follows.

Big Finish announces the Tenth Doctor and River Song

Coming in November 2020 are three new adventures for the Tenth Doctor and River Song. David Tennant and Alex Kingston have been recording in lockdown and the result is three new stories. The press release follows…