First Doctor Adventures volume 5 review on Cultbox

At first I was very unsure of the recast First Doctor range from Big Finish, but they’ve grown on me a lot. I enjoyed the latest (Volume 05) instalment, though a few things I felt might have been better handled. You can see my thoughts in my Cultbox review: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 05…

Eleventh Doctor Chronicles go full cast

Still no sign of Matt Smith coming to Big Finish, but good news for Eleventh Doctor fans as Big Finish announces another set of Eleventh Doctor Chronicles. Whats more this time they go full cast.

Big Finish Tenth and Eleventh Doctor sale

Series 11 may be over, but you can still grab a Big Finish bargain in the final special offer sale: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS WEEK 10. A range of goodies, including Lady Christina and Jenny! — Message Ends —

Eleventh Doctor Chronicles review

The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles gives Jacob Dudman the chance to perform as the Eleventh Doctor in four hour-long audio dramas. They are in the Companion Chronicles format, meaning (generally) narrative and a second actor to flesh out the story. Under the watchful ear of director Helen Goldwyn, Jacob does (another) great job in recreating a modern incarnation of the…