Torchwood 1.5 Small Worlds

My Torchwood rewatch takes me to Small Worlds by PJ Hammond. I didn’t remember much about it from broadcast but since became quite interested to watch it. Writer PJ Hammond created and wrote most of Sapphire and Steel back in the later ’70s / early ’80s, a great show I’ve just rewatched for the first…

Torchwood 1.4 Cyberwoman

My rewatch of Torchwood has finally drifted into series 1 episode 4, Cyberwoman by Chris Chibnall. I was unsure about it on transmission and I’m still unsure. I will try to explain why.

Torchwood 1.3: Ghost Machine

Another of my occasional looks back at Torchwood series 1 takes me to Ghost Machine. My memory of the original transmission is I liked this story and found it better focused on story than the previous Day One. Now I rewatch it I think it’s absolutely tremendous. I’l try to capture why I think that…

R3 Guide to Torchwood series 1

I’m in the process of (very slowly) going through series 1 of Torchwood on iPlayer. I don’t intend to review every episode but will highlight a few of what (to me) are the more important ones. In this post I’ll either link out to a full review or just put a sentence or two. It’s…

Torchwood 1.1: Everything Changes

To help deal with my CV lockdown (or whatever we call it), I’m taking advantage of the Torchwood boxsets on iPlayer. First up, Everything Changes. I won’t watch them all, just enough to really remind myself what I thought of it all before this blog! Everything Changes (for Gwen Cooper) First impressions are it’s as…

Torchwood Special (2008)

OK, it’s actually a spoof from the Dead Ringers team but with John Barrowman’s cameo in Fugitive of the Judoon fresh in our minds, I did find this rather amusing. I hope you do too: Torchwood Special – BBC. ((- Message Ends -))

What The Fans Think: Torchwood

Pencil Tip Publishing has announced a fan-sourced book of essays on Torchwood (TV episodes only). If you want to be part of it, there’s lots of titles available (as of October 2018). Details: SUBMISSION GUIDELINES FOR WHAT THE FANS THINK. +++ Message Ends +++

Capitol guests announced

One of the major UK Doctor Who conventions returns in 2017 – it’s The Capitol, the DWAS convention, and this year it’s run with Big Finish! This means the guest list has plenty of interesting names, including Nick Briggs, Andrew Smith, Kai Owen and many more (Katy Manning, Peter Purves, Sarah Sutton, Matthew Waterhouse, Daphne Ashbrook included). No details…

HG Wells and Doctor Who

Ignoring the appearance of a young Herbert in Timelash, the real HG Wells (pictured) had an undeniable impact on Doctor Who. Taking The Time Machine as a given, and allowing War of the Worlds as an influence, I think it goes beyond that. I’d like to mention the connection to another Wells classic – The First Men in the Moon.

Ianto’s Shrine – March 2017

I was in Cardiff, wandering around the Bay on a lovely sunny day in March 2017 and visited Ianto’s Shrine. For those who don’t know (and there might be some), this is a fan memorial to the passing of Torchwood’s own Ianto Jones. If you want some background (and a good article), try this on CityMetric: The…