Doctor Who scripts from the BBC

I may have mentioned it before, but there are some scripts for odd episodes of Doctor Who available from the BBC Writers’ Room. There aren’t many, but do include a few titles including Face the Raven (which was originally to be called Trap Street).

HG Wells and Doctor Who

Ignoring the appearance of a young Herbert in Timelash, the real HG Wells (pictured) had an undeniable impact on Doctor Who. Taking The Time Machine as a given, and allowing War of the Worlds as an influence, I think it goes beyond that. I’d like to mention the connection to another Wells classic – The First Men in the Moon.

Torchwood is 10

Who’d have thought, it’s almost ten years since Torchwood was first broadcast. The spoof site for the Victorian house / hotel seems to have vanished from the web, and it’s years since the show was on screen. Ignoring the recent Barrowman / Moffat spat, let’s focus on some positives.

The Legacy of UNIT

It’s June so it’s daily Doctor Who Legacy UNIT levels. We’ve had an updated client released (with its own bug causing some characters to duplicate) and this allows us to get daily updates with special levels aka the UNIT Daily Missions. So far the first of these has been a renamed Chapter 1 level, The Snowmen: Backstreets…

The legacy of Susan Foreman

The latest newsletter from Tiny Rebel Games is packed full of Doctor Who Legacy goodness. Most pleasing is the news of Susan Foreman coming soon (see artwork), and also news of Grace Holloway and Gwen Cooper! No word on exactly when, colours or powers.

Reblog: Andrew Cartmel interview

I found an interesting interview with Andrew Cartmel over on the blog Troughton Is My Doctor. The interview is IN CONVERSATION WITH ANDREW CARTMEL. It talks about many things from the 1980s, comics and even Torchwood. Well worth a read. <:> Message Ends <:>

Ten years of Captain Jack

It’s ten years since Captain Jack Harkness first appeared in The Empty Child with the Ninth Doctor and Rose. Lots of people marking this yesterday (May 21st) and for me, this Metro piece is as good as many of them: Captain Jack joined Doctor Who 10 years ago – John Barrowman’s best bits. Enjoy! <|> Message Ends <|>

The mystery of the three Capaldis

Don’t shout it too loudly, but Doctor Who isn’t real! All the characters are played by actors, the stories are written and sometimes stuff just ends up on-screen! If you’ve recovered from the shock, let’s talk Peter Capaldi. The Twelfth Doctor. And Frobisher from Torchwood: Children of Earth. And Caecilius from the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble story Fires of…

Project: Torchwood – Doctor Who Legacy interview

I bumped into the following blog post on a new blog for me – Project: Torchwood; the post was about Doctor Who Legacy and the possibility of more Torchwood characters (I have Captain Jack and Ianto) and it’s good news for fans of Gwen Cooper. There’s more as well; do have a look: The Mothership Doctor…

Dylan meets the Doctor

Just a quick plug for a news item on Starburst – this one is about the Doctor Who Day which will be held at this year’s Dylan Thomas festival in Swansea. Hit the link for more details – Dylan meets The Doctor. -^- Message Ends -^-

Jack’s Back (Maybe)

Widely reported (including on Starburst) is the story that John Barrowman is to appear in the 50th Anniversary special as Jack Harkness (we assume). I also read somewhere I can’t find that Louise Jameson was talking about lots of actors being on standby for something. (Update – May 2013: we now know this won’t happen which…