Paul Spragg Opportunity winner 2018

Big Finish has announce the winner of the 2018 Short Trips Opportunity 2018, and it’s a Second Doctor story The Last Day at Work, written by Harry Draper. Read by Nick Briggs, it will be available free later this month (December 2018). News item here: SHORT TRIPS OPPORTUNITY 2018. Congratulations to Harry and a review will follow soon!…

New cover for Rulebook

Over on FaceBook in the Big Finish Audio group, someone called Phil Johnson has been beavering away making new covers for various titles. The covers all have the new series 11 logo and are rather attractive. Of course, I was drawn to his cover for my Fifth Doctor story Rulebook. +++ Message Ends +++

Tuesday is coming this December!

December 2018 sees my Subscriber Short Trips story Tuesday released. It’s free for subscribers with both Muse of Fire and The Hunting Ground. In case you don’t know, it’s an Eighth Doctor story with Harry Sullivan. Don’t forget to download it and let me know what you think! +++ Message Ends +++

The Twelfth Doctor comes to Big Finish!

Before you get too excited, we don’t think it’s Peter Capaldi, but next year February 2019) gives us the Twelfth Doctor in the a Short Trips. The range has been extended for two years to the end of 2020. Producer Ian Atkins has moved on (and many personal thanks to Ian), and new producer Alfie Shaw has…

The Smallest Battle review

Free with the September 2018 Doctor Who Main Range release The Dispossed from Big Finish is the Stephen Osbourne Subscriber Short Trips: The Smallest Battle. It’s an absorbing story for the Fourth Doctor and Leela as they find themselves on a war-torn world, trying to make a difference.

Short Trips A Small Semblance of Home review

Paul Phipps, better known for his work on the Dark Shadows range wrote the latest (September 2018) Big Finish Short Trips, a First Doctor adventure, A Small Semblance of Home, read by Carole Ann Ford. It’s a cunning story of the Doctor’s obsession riding roughshod over the feelings of Barbara, Ian and Susan in his quest for something unspecified. I enjoyed…

More Short Trips Rarities

The latest batch of five Short Trips Rarities has been released, and they’ve some cracking covers (see left). Details of these and a sale on the Short Trips range: SHORT TRIPS RARITIES AND SPECIAL OFFERS. It’s a good mix, but if I were to recommend just one, it would be Only Connect. A close call as there’s some great titles. I’ve…