Doctor Who Short Trips: The Second Oldest Question review

Like September before it, October 2019 brought another new writer to the Big Finish fold via the Short Trips range. Carrie Thompson wrote The Second Oldest Question, which Sarah Sutton narrates. As you’d expect it’s a Fifth Doctor and Nyssa story.

Doctor Who – Short Trips: Dead Media review

September 2019 brought us Doctor Who – Short Trips: Dead Media a first Big Finish piece for writer John Richards and a first for a Jacob Dudman vocalised Twelfth Doctor. It’s set during the Doctor’s time at university in Bristol, though no Nardole who has borrowed the TARDIS to pop back to 1974’s Eurovision Song…

Ben Tedds is the 2019 Paul Spragg Memorial winner

Congratulations to Ben Tedds (twitter: @BenTedds42) on winning this year’s Paul Spragg Opportunity. His Twelfth Doctor story Best Laid Plans is read by Jacob Dudman and will be available on December 29. Well done!

Doctor Who Short Trips sale

There’s a massive Short Trips sale on this weekend thanks to Big Finish, expiring 23:59 UK time on 30 September 2019. Loads of bargains (some at 50% reduced) and a chance to get mine own Rulebook if you’ve not heard it yet! Full details here. Enjoy!

Doctor Who: Battle Scars review on CultBox

I reviewed July’s Doctor Who: Short Trips – Battle Scars for CultBox. It’s a Ninth Doctor story, with Nick Briggs reading and former Paul Spragg competition winner Selim Ulug with writing credits. It’s a Titanic tale [sic!] and a good one. My review is: Doctor Who: Battle Scars review. ((+ Message Ends +))

The Same Face review for CultBox

I put together some thoughts on the June 2019 Julian Richard Doctor Who Short Trips: The Same Face for CultBox. The story is a Third Doctor tale with Jo Grant and performed by Katy Manning. The review is: Doctor Who Short Trips: The Same Face review. <<< Message Ends >>>

Doctor Who: Still Life review

If you subscribe to the main range of Big Finish Doctor Who stories, please don’t forget to check for the free Subscriber Short Trips. If your subscription includes An Alien Werewolf in London, you can (by way of example) also listen to the Max Curtis story, Still Life.

Doctor Who: Loud and Proud review

Alongside The Kamelion Empire, March 2019 saw the release of the free (to main range subscribers) Subscriber Short Trips: Loud and Proud. It’s a Sixth Doctor and Mel story written by Andrew Allen. It’s well worth a listen so don’t forget to download and give it a whirl (not via the app as of time…

Under Odin’s Eye review

May 2019’s Short Trips story was Under Odin’s Eye, by Alice Cavender. It’s a Sixth Doctor and Peri adventure, read with her usual skill by Nicola Bryant and directed (with all her usual skill!) by Helen Goldwyn. I reviewed it for CultBox: Doctor Who Short Trips: Under Odin’s Eye review. Short review: it’s great, go…

Doctors and Dragons review on CultBox

As someone who spent more than a little of their time at university playing D&D, it really enjoyed producer, and in this case writer, Alfie’s Shaw’s Doctor Who Short Trips: Doctors and Dragons. I reviewed this Seventh Doctor and Ace gem for CultBox: Doctor Who: Doctors And Dragons review. ./] Message Ends [\.

Year of the Drex Olympics review on CultBox

It’s got a tongue-in-cheek title and the April 2019 Doctor Who Short Trips release, The Year of the Drex Olympics is definitely one of the more amusing releases in this range. A Second Doctor story, read by Frazer Hines, and featuring Jamie and Victoria, it’s worth a listen and I put some thoughts together for…

Advice for the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Competition (2019)

When Ian Atkins ran the first Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Competition, I was flattered to have several people ask me for tips, simply because I’d written a few Short Trips for Big Finish. I wrote a piece of advice back in 2017 for entrants, but with the passage of time, this needs updating.