Liv Chenka returns in Dark Eyes 2

Nicola Walker Ruth Bradley Nick BriggsExcellent news regarding Dark Eyes 2; today Big Finish has announced several Dark Eyes 2 ReturneesThe news is impressive: we have Nicola Walker returning as Liv Chenka, Ruth Bradley confirmed as Molly (which we knew) and also Alex MacQueen as the Master! And ll of them mixed in with the Eighth Doctor! Nick Briggs also features as the Daleks. The picture shows Nicola, Ruth and Nick.

If the cast lives up to their potential this has every chance of being better than Dark Eyes. I was very impressed with Nicola playing Liv Chenka against the Seventh Doctor in Robophobia which I reviewed in Robots, Seers and HousesIn fact I even tipped the character to return as a companion in my post Liv Chenka. On top of that we have Alex MacQueen back as the Master from UNIT: Dominion which I reviewed in the appropriately title UNIT: Dominion a review.

If you haven’t ordered Dark Eyes 2 do it now!

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