This week’s #lockdownload is Dark Eyes: The Great War

Yes, it’s the turn of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor to join the list of great #lockdownload titles from Big Finish. Each way a download is available to users of the Big Finish app, with an accompanying sale. Details below..

Celestial Toyroom 493 celebrates the Eighth Doctor

Members of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society with a special interest in the Eighth Doctor are in for a treat with the latest issue 493 of The Celestial Toyroom. Free to members, this issue has been extended to a huge thirty pages to fit in all the articles, and I understand some had to be…

Big Finish Eighth Doctor offers

The latest set of Big Finish weekly offers is live and it’s the turn of the Eighth Doctor. I’m a massive Paul McGann fan so recommend all of these. If you really aren’t sure, start with Dark Eyes 1 Lots of other first boxset in a series titles are available, why not grab them all! Details: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL…

Listening to the Eighth Doctor: Where to begin

Over on The Doctor Who Companion they’re having an Eighth Doctor week, and as part of that I was asked to contribute a guide for new listeners on audio, suggesting which Big Finish Paul McGann titles they might start with.

2015: Top 10 Who releases on CultBox

I gave some thought to Ian McArdell as part of his Top 10 Big Finish Doctor Who releases of 2015. The list is over on Cultbox: Top 10 ‘Doctor Who’ audio releases from Big Finish in 2015. Do have a look and let me know if you agree or disagree! <-+ Message Ends +->

Big Finish – licence extended to 2020

Great news from Big Finish – their licence for Doctor Who has been extended to 2020! Although expected (due to the recent UNIT Extinction announcement) this is still good news. The full story is here: DOCTOR WHO: LICENCED EXTENDED TO 2020!

Dark Eyes 4 – CultBox review

I reviewed Dark Eyes 4 for CultBox: ‘Doctor Who’ audio boxset review: Big Finish’s ‘Dark Eyes 4′. I gave this a straight five stars; as I noted in my local review it has some minor flaws but as a piece is very strong. Once again, congratulations to Matt Fitton and John Dorney (and director, cast, producer, sound…) for…

Dark Eyes 4 review

After four boxsets, the award-winning Dark Eyes series came to an end with the simply named Dark Eyes 4. With the writing credits taken by John Dorney and Matt Fitton (Matt wrote Dark Eyes 3 single-handed) and a host of villains (Daleks. Sontarans, the Eminence and the Master). How did this turn out? A fitting end to a…

The Dark Eyes / Dark Water Convergence

The idea of the Big Finish Master (as played by Alex Macqueen) meeting the Twelfth Doctor may be fantasy (despite Macqueen and Capaldi appearing together in The Thick of It) but it occurs to me there are some themic resonances (review’s pretentious way of saying similarities) between the Macqueen Master and Gomez’s Missy. Let’s compare notes…

Dark Eyes 3 reviewed

The third of what we are told will be four Dark Eyes boxsets was released in November 2014. The central protagonists are the Eighth Doctor, Molly, Liv Chenka and the Master. Gone are the Daleks and back is the Eminence. Add Dr Sally Armstrong, Narvin and a good sprinkle of new characters and aliens and next stop universal…

Dark Eyes 4 details announced

Big Finish has announced the release date of Dark Eyes 4 has pulled back forward to March 2015. There will also be an Eighth Doctor announcement in January (Big Finish Day 6?). Details: DOCTOR WHO: DARK EYES 4 – NEW RELEASE DATE! The cover of Dark Eyes 4 reveals Daleks as well as Sontarans, Liv Chenka and the Alex Macqueen Master….

Starburst review of Dark Eyes 3

My review of Dark Eyes 3 for Starburst. What did I think of Matt Fitton’s four disc, Eighth Doctor epic tale of Molly, the Master and The Eminence? Check out: DARK EYES 3. As usual all feedback gratefully received! -=- Message Ends -=-