The Dark Eyes / Dark Water Convergence

The idea of the Big Finish Master (as played by Alex Macqueen) meeting the Twelfth Doctor may be fantasy (despite Macqueen and Capaldi appearing together in The Thick of It) but it occurs to me there are some themic resonances (review’s pretentious way of saying similarities) between the Macqueen Master and Gomez’s Missy. Let’s compare notes…

Dark Eyes 3 vs Dark Water

Without too much in the way of spoilers, Dark Eyes 3 had, as its crescendo the Master seeking to convert the whole of humanity into super alien Infinite Warriors, all the better to conquer the galaxy. If only the Eighth Doctor can save the day. But wait, what was the plot of Dark Water aired just about the same time Dark Eyes 3 came out?

The Master (OK Missy) takes over the human race (with her super nano-cybermen technology) to build a wonderful army to take over the galaxy (OK give to the Twelfth Doctor as a present).

Not entirely different, and there’s more…

Utopia / Sound of Drums

Remember John Simm? Remember the first re-appearance of the Master in the modern Who? What was his idea? I know, convert the human race into Toclafane and take over the universe! Sound familiar? Good job the Tenth Doctor was around!

So what?

We all need a hobby, and the Master picks on the human race just to spite the Doctor. The conversion concept is, perhaps, getting overused. Then again how many Dalek’s conquer Earth, dig a big hole and play the dirigible planet card stories have there been. They have also done the convert humanity into evil warriors idea (aka more Daleks).


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