Tom Baker for Christmas?

If you’re stuck for a last minute present, you might want to grab a Tom Baker 2017 Calendar. Details are available on Tom’s website here: The Tom Baker Calendar is now available.. — Message Ends —

The Sun Makers reviewed

My wander around the back-catalogue takes me to The Sun Makers, a 1977 Robert Holmes story for the Fourth Doctor and Leela. I last watched it nearly 40 years ago, and my few memories were Pluto, Michael Keating and not much else. I did recognise the Dennis Healey like Collector once I started watching. With the benefit…

Myth Makers #119 David Fisher reviewed

Myth Makers #119, available from Time Travel TV is an interview with David Fisher. David wrote several Fourth Doctor stories and sometimes worked with Douglas Adams. Due to health problems, David is filmed answering questions, while Nick Briggs sets them out in separately filmed scenes. There are also readings from Target novelisations of David’s Doctor Who stories.