Celestial Toyroom 501 and The Happiness Patrol

The DWAS members’ magazine The Celestial Toyroom Issue 510 should be arriving around now. It’s all things John Nathan Turner and includes a piece I wrote on The Happiness Patrol. I’m on pages 37-38 after many worthwhile articles. <<= Message Ends =>>

Fantastic City of Death artwork from Marshall Tankersley

I’ve not posted any artwork for a while, so this I found on the Divergent Universe from TardyBox TardyBox (aka Marshall Tankersley) is long overdue. It’s a brilliant focus on the Fourth Doctor story City of Death. I wish I had a tenth that much talent — enjoy! (== Message Ends ==)

DWAS reveals cover and details for TARDIS magazine

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society has released details on contents and cover for the return of TARDIS Magazine. Completely by chance this has Sarah Jane Smith on the cover (with the Fourth Doctor). It’s available to by now and looks like it will be something to collect — 60 pages, A4 and colour!

Celestial Toyroom 506 out now

The DWAS members’ periodical Celestial Toyroom is on its way and very much focuses on Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. In fact, Face of Evil aside, it very much focusses on Robots of Death and all things Kaldor City. Guest editor Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore take control as we explore. Check your post now! ***…

Black Archive to release Robots of Death May 2020

This year’s Star Wars Day will be (accidentally I assume) marked with Obverse Books releasing The Robots of Death. This is the 43rd releases in the range — something to be impressed by. Fiona Moore is the writer of this particular title and it’s not the first such guide she’s written (see press release below)….

Doctor Who on Boxing Day?!

Good news, there will be Doctor Who on Boxing Day this year (2019). The (perhaps) less good news – it’s every available classic episode streamed on new service BritBox as reported on The Doctor Who Companion: EVERY SURVIVING EPISODE OF CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO COMING TO BRITBOX ON BOXING DAY. Enjoy! *** Message Ends ***

The DWC looks at Longleat and the 20th

If you want a thorough article on the twentieth anniversary of Doctor Who in 1983, including a major focus on Longleat, have a read of REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY – AT LAST, THE 1983 SHOW. Leon Hewitt is to be congratulated on a piece full of information. I learned a few things and I…

The DWC looks at the Fourth Doctor’s Leela years

The Doctor Who Companion is racing through the twentieth century series of Doctor Who and Leela (Louise Jameson) has been and gone. Of all the Doctors, Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor is the most open to analysis in chunks. He had so many years, each companion (ignoring the last who were waiting to join the Fifth…

The DWC looks at the Fourth Doctor’s Sarah Jane Years

Tom Baker’s time as the Fourth Doctor is too much for mere mortals like me to take in all at once. Fortunately The Doctor Who Companion is slicing it into series, and I thought I’d track the Tom Baker years by chunk (ie Sarah Jane Smith / Leela / Romana(s) / The new gang [Nyssa…

New portraits of the Doctors

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who art work, so great news of new portraits for all (known, excluding the meta) incarnations of the Doctor by Jeremy Enecio. You can get the poster version from several places (including The DWC) or you get them individually…