Black Archive to release Robots of Death May 2020

Robots of Death from the Black Archive

This year’s Star Wars Day will be (accidentally I assume) marked with Obverse Books releasing The Robots of Death. This is the 43rd releases in the range — something to be impressed by. Fiona Moore is the writer of this particular title and it’s not the first such guide she’s written (see press release below).

It’s available to order now at a reduced price.

Robots of Death

Here’s the full details from the press release:

‘That’s impossible. Robots can’t kill.’

A literate science-fiction mystery set in an elegant, multicultural future society, The Robots of Death (1977) represents a synthesis of a witty script, beautiful design and clever, sympathetic casting. This Black Archive examines these elements contributing to the story’s alchemical
brilliance, alongside the themes of artificial intelligence, class and power in the works of scriptwriter Chris Boucher, and the titular robots’ legacy, including their reinterpretation in audio and stage plays.

Asked why she chose Robots, Fiona said

“I have been fascinated by it since I first saw it during the late 1980s. At a time when even the best of 1970’s TV appeared ‘dated’ rather than ‘retro’, The Robots of Death stood out because it looked, and sounded, fresh and timeless. Many of my interests as a SF historian and critic may well owe their inspiration to The Robots of Death: the influence of Expressionism; the representation of women and ethnic minorities in SF television; the ambivalence humans feel about robots; and how SF deals allegorically with class, power, and capitalism.

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to explore these concepts in more detail through writing for The Black Archive.”

Fiona Moore is a writer and academic who has written guides to Blake’s 7, The Prisoner and Battlestar Galactica.

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