Tom Baker to star in Time Lord Victorious: Genetics of the Daleks

Big Finish has revealed (6 October 2020) a new Tom Baker Fourth Doctor story for the vast Time Lord Victorious bonanza. It’s a full-cast audio drama, due to be released on 10 December, 2020, has been created in partnership with Escape Hunt, the company behind the Time Lord Victorious escape room, A Dalek Awakens. Full press release follows…

David Tennant in Doctor Who: Dalek Universe

Coming in 2021 (and not part of Time Lord Victorious) David Tennant is back in Doctor Who: Dalek Universe. It’s very much Terry Nation’s view of the Daleks, and seems set in the same continuity David Tennant played Galanar in 2004’s Dalek Empire series 3. Let’s add in Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and John Leeson;…

Fourth Doctor for free!

Big Finish is giving away part 1 of Destination Nerva from September 7 2020 for one week. It was the first story for which Tom Baker returned to the role of the Fourth Doctor for Big Finish and should be part of any fan’s collection. There’s also a sale. Details after the break.

David Tennant and Tom Baker are out of time!

Released today (26 August 2020) is the first part of Doctor Who: Out of Time. We’ve also details of the rest of the series of three special multi-Doctor releases. The press release is after the break…

Fantastic City of Death artwork from Marshall Tankersley

I’ve not posted any artwork for a while, so this I found on the Divergent Universe from TardyBox TardyBox (aka Marshall Tankersley) is long overdue. It’s a brilliant focus on the Fourth Doctor story City of Death. I wish I had a tenth that much talent — enjoy! (== Message Ends ==)

DWAS reveals cover and details for TARDIS magazine

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society has released details on contents and cover for the return of TARDIS Magazine. Completely by chance this has Sarah Jane Smith on the cover (with the Fourth Doctor). It’s available to by now and looks like it will be something to collect — 60 pages, A4 and colour!

Celestial Toyroom 506 out now

The DWAS members’ periodical Celestial Toyroom is on its way and very much focuses on Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. In fact, Face of Evil aside, it very much focusses on Robots of Death and all things Kaldor City. Guest editor Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore take control as we explore. Check your post now! ***…

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Sun review on CultBox

I gave my thoughts on Robert Valentine’s Fourth Doctor story Shadow of the Sun on CultBox. It’s a decent story I’d like to have heard over four parts — not the biggest gripe in the world! Brought forward from 2024 (what’s a little time travel amongst Doctor Who fans?!), it’s entertaining with a serious message….

New Lost Story: The Doomsday Contract

Big Finish has announced details of a new Doctor Who Lost Story and it’s a Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 tale titled The Doomsday Contract. Details below…