DWAS reveals cover and details for TARDIS magazine

TARDIS Magazine

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society has released details on contents and cover for the return of TARDIS Magazine. Completely by chance this has Sarah Jane Smith on the cover (with the Fourth Doctor). It’s available to by now and looks like it will be something to collect — 60 pages, A4 and colour!

What’s inside the TARDIS (magazine)?

The information so far includes:

Interviews: Season 14’s Michael E. Briant, Philip Hinchcliffe, Judith Paris and Stephen Thorne
The Making of the Doctor Who Magazine 1983 Winter Special by Jeremy Bentham
David Banks on his New Adventure, Iceberg
Michael Cashman remembers Time Flight
Gareth Armstrong lifts The Masque of Mandragora
Life on Magrs
Target Books Uncovered
Archive interview with Michael ‘Magnus Greel’ Spice
Fandom in the 1970s
Flashback: Season 14 as reviewed by DWAS in 1976/77
Lockdown Who!
Multi Doctor stories!
Nigel Robinson’s Doctor Who Quiz

And more!

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