The Other Sarah Jane Smith

I was mulling over the sensitive topic of recasting Doctor Who characters. Big Finish has done a lot of this, with a whole new First Doctor crew, the brilliant Elliot Chapman as Ben Jackson, Tim Treloar as the Third Doctor and any number of people voicing Hartnell, while Frazer Hines is exceptional as Troughton. Add…

Radio Times reviews of the Fourth Doctor

If you’ve ever wondered just what the Radio Times thought of Tom Baker’s finest and perhaps not so fine stories, their reviews are all collected on the website, in reverse order starting from Fourth Doctor. It’s everything from Robot (3*) to Logopolis (4*) and all points in-between. I don’t agree with all of them, but…

Sarah Jane Smith considered

The third of the Third Doctor’s on-screen companions (and yes I know the Brig and some UNIT personnel sort-of count) was Sarah Jane Smith. And of course she bridged the gap into the Fourth Doctor‘s era, and had various spin-offs as well. She even managed to meet the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors as well. Busy,…

The Day She Saved The Doctor review

I enjoyed the all-female writer The Day She Saved The Doctor collection for several reasons. It was nice to have Sarah Jane Smith in Jaq Rayner’s story, and to hear new writers Susan Calman and Dorothy Koomson. My review is on Starburst: THE DAY SHE SAVED THE DOCTOR. *** Message Ends ***

The Day She Saved the Doctor

To mark International Women’s Day in March 2018, we have Doctor Who: The Day She Saved the Doctor Four Stories from the TARDIS. Four female authors (see later), four female companions (Sarah-Jane, Rose, Clara and Bill) and available as an audio-book (reader unknown) or book.